Breaking Bad


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Urghh just rewatched the end scene of Ozymandias again. I dont remember getting hayfever every other time watching that but the sisters crying then Walt dropping big fat tears got me choked up.

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This might just do nobody any good.

Vince Gillian is working on a Breaking Bad movie sequel, presumably centered around Jesse.

It's unclear if the two-hour project will be released theatrically or made for television.

I saw. Pretty hyped.

I think, when Better Call Saul just ended up being Expanded Universe Breaking Bad, maybe he realized this is just the kind of story he likes to tell, and is good at telling, and that there's an appetite out there for him to fill out the world he made a bit more still.

The Adventure Starts Here!
There are a tidy handful of interesting characters in this universe, so doing things like this should succeed nicely. Better Call Saul has proved that point, especially since it not only borrowed Saul Goodman, but also Mike and a few others, all of whom seem to have interesting side stories going on.

Since only Walter White's actual story/life ended at the end of Breaking Bad (well, aside from characters who died earlier, like Mike and Hank and Gus), there are still plenty of characters whose futures we would be interested in seeing. I may have been cautiously optimistic before Better Call Saul first aired, but having seen all those episodes so far, I'm totally in for this movie idea.