Why do you pirate movies/TV shows?


It's very interesting to see the complex reasons people pirate things.

I've recently had technical issues with watching pirated stuff: since digital media is in such cheap abundance due to streaming services, tech companies tend to make things less favorable for pirates in the name of "security". Also, programming can be pretty hard work. I've ended up buying dvd-rws and writing pirated movies to discs. I wouldn't have this problem if I didn't insist on lying down to watch movies, but this is what I do.

Netflix is just way too convenient to stop using, it gives you access to brand new material constantly. I personally think most other streaming services are garbage. It's crazy how productive Netflix is for such a cheap cost, they're always running on a lot of debt.

I typically just pirate older movies and all music. Netflix DVD is good but you have to wait for the discs.

I pirate a lot of things but I also buy a lot of music and movies too just cuz I like it. To me, any sort guilt associated with pirating anything is silly. It's not even "stealing": it's simply copying media without the artists permission. If it's easy and cheap to do, then its self defeating to get mad about it. Return to VHS and record players to stop people from pirating your stuff! Charge 50$ per item! Concerts with security guards and abandoned shacks! Ascap is the music mafia and they can blow me.

All art I make is either freely available or negotiable, the thought of hoards of "freeloaders" pirating my art is exciting. Typically people often want to pay more than what I ask, which is comforting. I'm still not serious of enough of an artist to make any money off it anyways.

Lol, if the FBI could maybe make themselves useful to actual human beings than "AmUrIka", then maybe i wouldn't hate them so much.

Disk rot!