Movie of the Month - The Grey (December 2017)


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Hmmm not the accent for me, slappy, and I dont share his pommie accent. He's just easy to listen to so yeah, I shall rename him totally tonal

Sounds great guys!

I'm very happy that the revival of the MotM has been so successful. Great job to Yoda and Slappy (as well as all the guests of course) for taking the time to do the podcasts. I'm hoping that we can keep it going into next year!
killing the business

Thanks! And yeah, probably wouldn't have happened with you, either!

I might have to rename it, though, to something without a date in the name. We'll see.

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Cool broadcasts (this one and the Take Shelter one), people.

Now do some foreign movie.
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Setsuko Hara is my co-pilot
@Yoda: I'm afraid my English is too perfect for this, guys. I'd embarass you all with my spotless pronunciation, verbose vocabulary and spot on Received Pronunciation accent.

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I, along with a lot of other people expected a different film. You bring this up in the podcast, the marketing for The Grey is all wrong. They wanted people to go in expecting a Neeson vs Wolf fight. In fact my one friend only went to see this film because of that, "Liam Neeson fights a f***ing wolf with his bare hands and broken bottles, it sounds amazing". Needless to say we get something different.

I enjoyed it, the survival aspects of the film were well done and you three seemed to tackle every aspect of the film that was interesting.

As always, great job guys.
@The Rodent your voice was great!! As slappy said, great inflection on your thoughts. I honestly believe that I have the worst voice on these podcasts so far...but there must be others out there!!!!
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Suspect's Reviews

Liam Neeson - "Show me something real i'm calling on you"

God - ??????????????

Liam Neeson - yep that's what I thought

The Hunting Party

When Richard Gere, Jesse Eisenberg and Terrence Howard go hunting for a Bosnian war criminal they become the hunted

it was very average, if you want to see a better film based on the Bosnian war, watch Savior with Dennis Quad (1998)

I wanna be sedated

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Just had another listen to the podcast for a 2nd time

Gotta say it again Yods, and it might be because I've had the inside track on this one with actually being on the recording and knowing what went into it, that really is some great editing.

Have a listen MoFos
And have a watch of The Grey too and share you thoughts

Hit some pretty cool notes on this one with all the metaphors and stuff in the film

Gotta say it again Yods, and it might be because I've had the inside track on this one with actually being on the recording and knowing what went into it, that really is some great editing.
Must agree with this, this is one of the best gigs I've ever had. I get to word vomit into a mic for 2 hours and come out sounding smart on the other side because of Yoda's tireless efforts.

The one downside of all the guest podcasters is that it's one additional person that will know the charade each time.

Also, this film has grown on me in an odd way. The overall arc of the film has kind faded into the back of my mind, but I'm still thinking about roughly a dozen 1-2 minute scenes again and again. I'm happy to say that I was way off base with thinking this was going to be a boring action film.

Thanks. I say it a lot, but it's pretty incredible how much smarter everyone (me definitely included!) can sound if you shorten pauses and cut out "ums" and "uhs." But that applies most when the underlying ideas are strong and insightful, which they invariably have been. The editing process mostly involves moving the barrier of verbal tics so the ideas can shine.

This one was easier to edit than most; I think we probably used something like 90% of what we recorded. Great job, both of you.

i liked the Grey a lot, liam neeson 's best movie since 2010.

Nice podcast guys. Sadly after giving the film a second watch this morning it still doesn't really resonate with me primarily because I just don't really give a hoot about any of the characters
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Hey there! Indeed, The Grey would be movie of the month for me too. The scenes where the wolves are killing the team members each at a time, while they are looking for a means of survival against these vicious attacks, and the cold weather with no food and water, are my favourites. It is very astounding, as it strikes a sense of realism, as this can happen to any of us. Goodbye!

I enjoyed it although I was a little put off by the size of the wolves.