Actors and film-makers that don't watch their own art


It is said that Johnny Depp never watches his own movies, hard to believe, but apparently true

I also read last night that Stanley Kubrick didn't watch his own films either. Also very difficult to believe. If he didn't watch his own films then how would he know if he was making them right?

Any other film people who don't watch their own stuff?

I will add that the reason an actor like Johnny Depp wouldn't want to see his own movies would be all part of the head games film-makers play with each other in their movies with the parodying, the copying, the mirroring, etc...

For example, to gain psychological edge a film-maker might instruct his actor to use the same words as an actor in another film, scrambled into another meaning, make him wear a specific costume similar to one in another film, have him physically do something on a specific part of the screen that when played simultaneously with the target film would create a sort of simultaneous sequence of some sort. The possibilities are endless. But the point is that in doing so the copycat/mindgame film-maker is betting that his target is self-obsessed enough that his parody could cause a specific psychological effect, most likely negative. So, someone so famous such as Johnny Depp, in not watching his own films, has freed himself of this possibility. All he remembers was his own perspective on set in relation to the other actors. He doesn't see what the camera sees. His placement on the screen, the takes used in the film, the sequence of the shots... he is unaware of any of that. So, this gives him a little extra edge against the headgame attacks of jealous film-makers, were he to see their movies. But of course, he is sacrificing something in order to gain that edge. That is just a theory. I believe he would still want to see those movies. Holding himself to such a task only underscores how valuable a clear mind is to him, enfettered with the meddling of jealous film-makers.

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By the time a director is done with a film, they have spent a long, long time with it from scripting to story-boarding to editing. And in the editing bay, they have watched it again, and again and again. Also, they've been stuck going to a number of premiers. It makes sense that a director might not rewatch a film.

Actors, on the other hand, are vain. They want to be out in front. Me, me, me, me! Choose me! I would imagine that a good many actors, despite what they claim to do, actually watch their performances quite carefully. Indeed, this is a professional duty. How can you improve if you cannot step outside yourself to see how you are performing?

At any rate, don't count on professional liars to tell you the whole truth, but rather a story. The real question is, why does this story work?

It's an odd thing, and one I think requires either a particular type of talent or maybe a particular level of skill and experience to still work.

It's the exact opposite for most people and in most other disciplines, I think. I've done some TV and broadcasting work and I make a special point to review it after, and doing so has helped me improve immeasurably. A single session doing that and you spot lots of little tics and crutch phrases.

40% of actors report watching their own work on screen. The remaining 60% lie.