Actors You Mistake for Other Actors


Sorry if I'm rude but I'm right
I just mistook Charles Coburn for W. C. Fields.


Look, I'm not judging you - after all, I'm posting here myself, but maybe, just maybe, if you spent less time here and more time watching films, maybe, and I stress, maybe your taste would be of some value. Just a thought, ya know.

Also, Lesley Ann Warren looks so much like Susan Sarandon in Clue (1985)!
That's a classic. Back in their heyday, when they were often appearing in films, I couldn't tell the two of them apart.

When I was young I used to get Brian Dennehy and Brian Keith confused...

Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg... although when I see their faces next to each other, I don't think they look alike

I can definitely see Cera and Eisenberg. I don't know if anyone else has posted this already, but it just occurred to me today...has anyone ever noticed the resemblance between Kate Winslet:

and Emily Blunt:

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No, I don't confuse the two, but damn Robbie and Pressly just have to be sisters.

Add Samara Weaving as the third "sister"

These two could be brothers

Greg Kriek and David Chokachi
It's All About the Movies

Glenda Jackson (Women in Love) & Sandra HŁller (Anatomy of a Fall) look very much alike.

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Daniel Kaluuya (British actor) & Francis Tiafoe (American tennis star) could be brothers.

Way back in 1995, when I first saw Braveheart, I swore the guy playing "Robert the Bruce" was Matthew Broderick (looking slightly older & heavier than the last movie I'd seen him in)!

The actor I mistook for Broderick is named Angus Macfayden.

Now, side by side, they don't look much alike. Part of my confusion may have been that in 1990 the movie Glory debuted wherein Broderick sported a beard and mustache.

Angus Macfayden as Robert the Bruce

Matthew Broderick in Glory

Actor Dominic Sessa (The Holdovers) looks like a young version of Stevie Winwood (The Spencer Davis Group).

Between both their names and their looks I always mixed up James Franciscus with Anthony Fanciosa.


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Martin McDonagh <=> Malcolm McDowell

When the Three Billboards... came out, I thought: "how interesting, the guy from Clockwork Orange came in prominence as a director too", misled mostly by their names. Physically, they also share similarities but I soon realized that the age is quite different

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