2023 MoFo Fantasy Baseball: Season and Trades


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I'm kind of opposed to it too. I feel like it doesn't necessarily change any outcome. Every player on the wire is available to everyone, day in and day out.

Auction though? I have no experience with it, but certainly open to it.

I doubt I spend that much more time than most of you, or more than most of you could easily spend if you wanted to. It's a daily roto league, so you already have to spend 5 minutes a day setting lineups and stuff. I'm not sure how much more than that I spend on it, but it's not loads more. It's not an hour a day or anything.

If it takes an hour a day to be great at fantasy, then I'd agree that would be lame. But if it's just that 15-20 minutes a day gives you an edge over 5 minutes, then that just feels fair. Working harder should confer some benefit.

My move total is pretty inflated by the format, though, since there's no downside. If I see someone I might want to use I nab them immediately, and sometimes 5 minutes later I find someone better. 99% of the time if there was a transaction limit I'd end up with the same guy, I'd just cut out that intervening step.

I would like to do auction next year also. Maybe that will make the whole Transaction Cap topic moot too.

Auctions are a much bigger time commitment than snake drafts (they take several hours, minimum), so if anything I feel like it kind of cuts against the transaction cap logic.

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I also hate the people who say "I don't have time for fantasy". Like Sedai said, maybe 10 minutes a day when you're on the toilet is needed.

Well one thing a transaction cap would change in my opinion is that it would make the draft much more important. I would be in favor of a cap.
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With an auction every team would need to he present. If you have ever been in a auction where a team is autodrafting it really messes things up.

I'm just happy I finished with more than half of Yoda's point total.

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I saw a thumbnail of an interview with him float by, saying pretty much what you are implying, but I didn't click on it.
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So, should we email everyone in the league and ask if they want to do Roto or Auction?
If it ends up being the majority want to do Auction, will they still play?
I wouldn't want to lose any active owners over this. Imo switching the style isn't that important, but everyone should know it just would take some getting used to. It was that way when we started Roto, and we've no regrets.

We'll bring it up early next year, like February I suppose.

I think we need more than a simple majority because it really is a big ask. I'd be fine with it if a good two-thirds of the league was on board, something like that.

I heard Fantasy Baseball leagues open on Yahoo around the end of January. Isn't that something?!

I still haven't really made time to learn much more about auctions than what I've learned here but I am willing to try it if I get out voted. If there is a vote tho, I vote for a regular draft and a regular year.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

I still haven't really made time to learn much more about auctions than what I've learned here but I am willing to try it if I get out voted. If there is a vote tho, I vote for a regular draft and a regular year.
Im leaning towards your stance too. I have had to work the past 2 drafts, and auction is way more involved, way longer, so for me its not practical. I admit though the idea of going into a bidding war sounds fun.

Now having said that, if we can find a day where everyone will be at the draft for the entire duration, undisturbed by work and such, why not?

Honestly, probably impossible. Even when we find a day that everyone says works one or two always miss it. Sometimes we have people miss it after confirming the day before. At this point I'm just happy when we get 10-11 there.

Re: auction. Well, if two of you are out already, I think that kinda does it. I admit it's a big increase in time so I think we need pretty close to unanimous buy-in to do it. Maybe there's time to convince people but if not, we'll keep rolling with what we've got.

As I mentioned earlier, the best argument for it is just that everyone gets a shot at every player. If you think someone's undervalued, if you've got some guy you really love, you can capitalize on that, whereas in a draft you need the timing to line up on top of identifying the players. If there's one or two guys you want above all else you basically WILL get them, if you're willing to sacrifice elsewhere for it.

Just to be clear, Id like to do it, but its just not practical for me now like it was in the past. Hell I think I was the one suggesting this at one time, I don't know its like a big ol' serving of fantasy memory gumbo.