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"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
Serpico (1973, multiple rewatch)

Still a very good movie.
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I am so confused by this tentacle monster discussion and why Minio isn't involved. I probably fell asleep during TFA and R1, but I'm lost on the tentacle talk.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

Definitely making my top 10 of 2016. Great comedic and heartfelt moments throughout. Loved the references including a Lord of the Rings joke and there's a moment where Sam Neill's character Hector totally has a Dr. Alan Grant moment and I loved it.
Never Tell Me The Odds

[b]How the hell did Judd Hirsch end up with a son as good looking as River Phoenix? It was either a casting error, or Christine Lahti's character has some serious "splainin" to do.

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Hell or High Water
+++ Way beyond a simple bank robbing flick this delves into the characters themselves in a laid back pace that still greatly entertains.

+++ I was very surprised that IMDb only rated this a 5.8 perhaps because there's nothing "new" here. Still, a good sci-fi flick with dark undertones that, while I figured out the twist at the end, I had a good time getting there.

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Swiss Army Man

(Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheitert)

The most original film of the year and one of the more original films of the last decade.

Reviews: Spiderman: Homecoming

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Rope (1948)

I enjoy Hitchcock, his films are never boring. I'd been wanting to see this for years so delved into it last night. As usual, the camerawork is mind boggling - I can only imagine what viewers in 1948 felt when faced with the long sequences, crafty scene splits and sprawling apartment shots. The way Hitchcock sets up the next bit of dialogue makes you feel that he was always thinking 2 or 3 sequences ahead. At some points I was more mesmerized by what Hitchcock was doing with the camera than the actual dialogue. There are also meticulously planned lights outside the apartment which must have been painstaking to get right. The plot itself was rather fanciful - with the high society lunatic type trying to get away with murder (American Psycho must have borrowed heavily from this template) - Hitchcock apparently hated this piece of work. I do feel that it's a little bit of "style over substance" in this case and I would give it a 7 out of 10 for that reason. But am still a little in awe by the technical nature of how it was made.

Watchmen (2009)

Bad (1977)

Carroll Baker of all people plays a woman who runs an electrolysis business out of her home, but it's really just a front for how she makes most of her money. She sends skanky women out to do requested murders, including children and dogs. This is an Andy Warhol produced movie, and I had him mixed up with John Waters. I kept thinking this wasn't as outrageous as something like Pink Flamingos, although it's pretty far out there. It could have been edited down a little, but it has a very seedy vibe, plenty of dark humor, and some really sick scenes. The baby out the window scene is one I'll remember.

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Akira (1988)

Ok so I kinda cheated here a wee bit. I first watched this at the weekend and although I thought it was very good, it flew over my head a little. Rewatched last night and it really is excellent. The animation is spectacular and the ending is like something I've truly never seen before!!

Enjoyed this much more than was expecting

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"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
The Infiltrator (2016)

I really liked this movie. Well done. Pretty good cast. Very absorbing, for me anyway.

He came on to me, too. F*cking maricůn. But the cartel loves him. He is the favorite son, Mr. Bob. So, even if you see him f*cking a goat, which you might, you must say, "That's a f*cking nice-looking goat, man."
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+++ I was very surprised that IMDb only rated this a 5.8 perhaps because there's nothing "new" here. Still, a good sci-fi flick with dark undertones that, while I figured out the twist at the end, I had a good time getting there.
I was reading all the reviews on IMDb and "nothing new here" was the consensus but maybe I'll give it a go after your review.

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Passengers (2016)

I wanted this film to be good, all I can say is its an average film that had a potentially interesting premise. Kind of disappointed because its got Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence in it and they were serviceable but that's it. My biggest problem with this movie is that there is a moment in this film that was revealed at the beginning of the movie that should of been saved and would of been a better plot twist towards the third act-

WARNING: "Passengers" spoilers below
Chris Pratt's character actually waking up Jennifer Lawrence's character on purpose so that he doesn't have to be alone on the ship. They just have him do it towards the beginning of the movie like its nothing when it should of been saved and revealed later on in the film so we could actually feel how Jennifer Lawrence's character feels. It could of been a great twist. Also this film has one of the worse & biggest plot holes in a film that I have ever seen and its that Pratt's character figures out that the Autodoc in the medbay has an option to put someone back into hibernation, but then states THERE'S ONLY ONE AUTODOC ON THE ENTIRE SHIP??!! ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME! 5000 PASSENGERS AND ONLY ONE AUTODOC GTFOH PRATT I SAW HOW BIG THAT GOD DAMN SHIP IS COMPARED TO YOU THERE IS NO WAY THERE'S ONLY ONE AUTODOC.

This movie is starting to irritate me the more I think about it. I liked the actors but this movie had so many problems I just listed the 2 biggest ones.

This was my second David Lynch movie!
Saw this and Lost Highway!
Both are AMAZING! I loved
I need more of this!
I'm in love with Laura Harring's breast!
Fantastic movie, one of my favorites. Pure magic.
I didn't like Lost Highway nearly as much, but it has some great moments as well.
The Mystery Man "phone call" scene is alone worth the price of admission.

You might want to try Eraserhead next but proceed with caution - even though I really liked it a lot, I also thought it was one of the most psychologically unsettling and depressing films I've ever seen.

I've been meaning to watch Inland Empire but haven't got around to it yet. I hear that's a really creepy one.