Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Saw it Sunday and loved it. At first, the dialogue between Diego Luna and Felicity Jones was hard for me to understand but the story was easy enough to follow. Yes, the movie is darker than most Star Wars movies but I still think REVENGE OF THE SITH is the darkest (killing children, slaughtering the Jedi and Padme dying?). I think it was a bit refreshing to see the rebels down in the trenches with firefights and hand-to-hand combat, rather than being up in their ships (although I love that element also and we got that here, too). Peter Cushing is one of my favorite actors of all-time and somehow it didn't bother me in the least that his Grand Moff Tarkin was resurrected, if you will, for this movie. I saw some sort of respectful acknowledgement to Cushing near the end of the credits, and as he had no children, I wonder if he had any family at all to give rights to his appearance, or if there was some sort of legal clause that let Disney and LucasFilm use it?

I was totally invested in the rebel group from start-to-finish, and I pretty much agree that Donnie Yen and Alan Tudyk came off best out of the rebel squad. It was nice spotting little Star Wars touches throughout. I particularly enjoyed the two
WARNING: spoilers below
Mos Eisley villains bumping into Felicity Jones along the way.
I loved the sequence with the rebel ship
WARNING: spoilers below
nudging the powerless Star Destroyer into the other one, and by extension, crashing them into the shield that needed breaking.
I loved both Vader appearances and the seamless (at least to me) CGI
WARNING: spoilers below
insertion of some of the rebel pilots that Luke fought alongside in their fighters in A NEW HOPE.
I thought there was lots to enjoy in this film and it fits like a glove leading into the first film from 1977.

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I didn't think the film was of the same level of The Force Awakens and I did not feel engaged with the fate of the new characters at all, but I had an entertaining enough time (mainly because of the film's references). I even was thrilled by a few short moments (the ones who've seen the film will know what I'm talking about).

The character CGI was amazing by the way, but still not perfect enough to be used on a larger scale.

All in all, I pretty much got the "slightly better than mediocre" film I was expecting.
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One of the best Star Wars movies ever. Surely the most beautifully shot.

I was hoping the entire movie that the monk used the force, I'm not the world's greatest Star Wars fan but I thought anyone could use the force, not everyone, someone unexpected. I don't remember what did the old sith said about it, something about midi-chlorians, so I figure it was possible maybe.

Like people said before already, the plot isn't dramatic since we kind of know the outcome. I really liked K2SO and the monk the most. Jyn says that she doesn't care about politics, I was thinking in that maybe the Empire and the Rebels are just that, political differences, but still don't know how they can allow a massive planet killer machine be used, I guess it's not that ridiculous either since it could be a satire of how the nuclear weapons erradicate all the life from one place.

I find it weird that the actress passed away just when I finished watching the movie,
WARNING: "End" spoilers below
and curious enough, her only contribution was saying the word "Hope"

On a side note - I never understood why people discussed the films in the "upcoming" section instead of in the review section.
I've just moved a bunch of posts from one to the other.

Seeing as how the discussion on a given film starts in its "upcoming" thread, it makes more sense to continue said discussion within the upcoming thread than to start a whole new thread in the reviews section and split up the discussion in the process.
Well, usually the discussion has a natural split among those who've seen it and those who haven't, anyway, what with the spoilers and all (and the fact that people end up discussing entirely different things, anyway). But this has always been a problem, so I'll just have to move 'em occasionally. No big deal.
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Rogue One(A Star Wars story 2016)

Here we have another Star Wars film which now is set to be the new annual Xmas event since we had our batch of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films in the previous decade. This is the story of the first war heroes of the Rebel Alliance before we had Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker. The revelation of Darth Vader in the film’s many trailers sent the internet into a frenzy such has been the impact of the cultural icon in the last 40 years. Even the Neo-Nazis gave the film publicity with their boycott due to the diversity of our heroes as opposed to the Empire’s agents.

Here we have the story of how Princess Leia received the Death Star plans referred to in the introduction Episode 4 a New Hope of key spies. The film skips the traditional Star Wars intro to treat this as a proper war scenario plot. As our trailers indicated we begin with how Galen Erso (played by the man of many roles Mads Mikkelson) gave himself up to the Galactic Empire Agent and friend Director Orson Krennic (another great casting choice in Ben Mendelson) for the safety of his daughter Jyn (Felicity Jones of the Theory of Everything). The non-plutonic relationship between father and daughter will be the pinnacle of the story for unifying the Rebels in their cause.

Gareth Edwards, who directed Godzilla in 2014, treats the film with the love and respect it deserves. The plot is not so retro and recycled like the much hyped The Force Awakens (2015). Though the film has a shaky start with the pace to get the key points of the film the action is very exciting with the intriguing sounds of blasters from X wing and Empire planes. Felicity Jones through her experience delivers a much more reliable performance than Daisy Ridley. We have a wonderful cast with Forest Whitaker (using his Idi Amin accent from The Last King of Scotland with a great line on saving the dream), Riz Ahmed and Diego Luna. K-2S0 (Alan Tudyk of Dodgeball) delivers the key humour to avoid making the film to dark. Diego Luna as Cassian Andor demonstrates that in all wars both sides to bad deeds in the name of their cause even in the Star Wars universe. Chirrut Îmwe (played by martial artist Donnie Yen) conjures the new phrase “the force is strong the force is with me”

The film uses interesting CGI techniques as discussed in the Congress starring Robin Wright before House of Cards. Rogue One is definitely worth watching if you are new to the Start Wars universe. The Rebel Alliance is displayed as a much more complex faction than previous films. There is more hope for future Star Wars films undergoing the Marvel/Disney treatment. I would say that this is the second best film of this year behind Captain America Civil War. The ultimate lesson for the film is sacrifice.

I liked this film. Quite a bit.

That being said, I feel it was pivotal to read the novel "Catalyst" by James Luceno to fully appreciate the movie. I don't like that. I read the book then immediately went out to see the movie, and I loved it. Going in I was already invested in the Erso family, I knew a good amount about Saw Gerrera's character and I fully embraced the rivalry between Krennic and Tarkin. Obviously I can't speak to what it is like to see the film without having read the novel first, but I did feel (even while watching the movie) that I probably would not have cared nearly as much about these characters had I not already been invested in a story involving them. For example:
WARNING: "SPOILERS" spoilers below
Saw's death comes fairly early in the film, and quite shortly after the audience is introduced to him. If you have not read "Catalyst", you don't know Saw's role in the years leading up to the attack on the Erso homestead, you don't know why he is crippled and decrepit, and you don't really care that he dies. This, for me, is a problem. I liked this movie. A lot. But I very much agree with the arguments that for all that it did right, it missed the mark on character development.

Had too much expectations from the movie.

Rouge One is kind of a polisher movie. Its a great standalone film, yes, but what really made me appreciate this film was the fact that it polished the original Star Wars so well. There were some parts of the first Star Wars that made almost no sense. Why would the Death Star have such an easy self-destruct feature? This was always a glaring “huh” part of the movie for me. I couldn’t think of a reason why such an important base would be so easy to destroy. Thankfully, Rouge One doesn’t just provide a reason for it but makes you appreciate what the characters went through to achieve it.

After watching this movie I went home and watched Episode IV and man, the movie has benefited so much from Rouge One. Episode IV has evolved from just Luke’s story into a story containing the hopes of the entire rebellion.

I definitely recommend watching A New Hope right after Rouge One, the films blend together seamlessly.
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I liked Rogue One!!!! I know a lot of people who hated it tho........
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Despite my love for a good tragedy

WARNING: "Spoilers" spoilers below
I did not feel that they had to kill off every character

that was my one problem with the movie it felt really lazy in a world building sense

WARNING: "spoilers" spoilers below
"Oh we're too lazy to say where some of these characters were so we're just gonna kill them all off." If anything they could of just had a few of the survivors get captured then boom, you have your sequel right there, because unlike a lot of you who grew up on the OT, I'm not that attached to the OG (Luke, Leia & Han) the only one I really liked was Han and now he's dead. So i'm all for new characters and these ones had potential but they killed them off way too soon imo.

The thing that I don't like about this whole thing with Disney is that if you want more on the characters and their motivations you gotta get the book Catalyst and its crazy some of the things that were in the book that really should of been at least mentioned in the movie to give us more info on the main characters like-

WARNING: "Rogue One: Catalyst spoilers" spoilers below
The fact that Cassian Andor & his family were Separatists (If you are confused i'm talking about the faction that the Republic & Jedi's fought in Episodes 2 & 3 that was secretly led by Palpatine with Count Dooku & General Grievous) and despite fighting for the Rebellion he is in no way a fan of Jedi's. He very much distrusts them.

I loved the movie but this is one movie where I felt the ending they went with was changed for the worst.
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I'm on the opposite side of the fence regarding that part of the ending. I felt like this was the only logical solution.

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Yeah the last 5 minutes were the best part of Rogue One.
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What Suspect said. The rebellion is supposed to be bigger than any one person within it - this much is driven home by the Vader hallway scene.
You like that explanation? I prefer the explanation that it's a plot hole.

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We saw this on the weekend. Better than Force Awakens but I wasnt fussed on it and cant even pinpoint why. Just a meh movie experience for me.

God Damn.

Just watched this for the first time... bought it on DVD earlier.

I actually welled up toward the end of the third act...

And that finale... not the Vader finale... but that finale... I actually laugh-cried and involuntarily put my hand over my mouth. I have never ever done that with a movie.

This film was a huge disappointment for me.
The only good thing about it was the last 5 minutes...
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Watching it tonight, I'm not even a Star Wars fan, don't even know why I'm doing it. I think to see Donnie Yen.

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The more I see this film, the more I like it. Great stuff all around.
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