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Don't Look Up question


I started to watch it, gave up then watched a little more later. I know about the ending scene.

Is the whole movie about how no one takes it seriously and/or uses it for their own benefit/agenda until it is too late? I don't think I will bother to finish it. The humor is not working for me.

If it's not working for you, then it's not working for you. Not every film will work for everybody.
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The ending scene is waaay funnier not knowing it in advance. It really caught me offguard, but at the same time it makes total sense.

In my opinion, this movie was terrible. I understand that everyone has different tastes, and I respect anyone who may disagree, but in my opinion, it was objectively poorly made. It had an A-list cast, but some of them were not a good fit for their roles, for example, Jennifer Lawrence's character. The script was poorly written and hackneyed, it had a ridiculous plot, it was absurdly over the top, and, most importantly for a comedy based in satire, it was in my opinion, not funny. I definitely believe in climate change, and in man contributing to it, but this is a perfect example of Hollywood forcing their liberal agenda onto the populace. This is an important issue, but there was little to no nuance to the movie, and the film would likely not appeal to very many people who were conservative, due to the way the film was made. At the very least, movies such as this should ideally made to persuade, and this film wouldn't persuade anyone who wasn't already onboard with the myopic worldview the film presents.

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Gotta admit that AKA23 is right about this one. It's interminable, unfunny, self-important, and not liable to change anyone's minds one way or another because of those reasons and many more. Even the idea of the meteor being a metaphor for climate change isn't a particularly thought-out one (the YouTube channel Like Stories of Old made a good point about how it would be better if it wasn't one big meteor but rather multiple smaller ones that slowly but surely made life on the planet worse in a similar fashion to what actual climate change is doing).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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Don't Look Up isn't above criticism. I like it, I think it's funny, I think it makes its points well. But I can see anyone coming to completely different verdicts on all three of these assertions. It isn't any kind of masterpiece.

But its clear something is being missed when criticisms levelled against it are that it is pushing a liberal agenda. That this is a leftist film. Total nonsense. Yes, the right wing is the more prevalent with global warming denial. But the films metaphor isn't so much about global warming. The meteor isn't really a metaphor for climate change as it is simply an opportunity to explore how broken the human brain is, and as a result, how broken the institutions we create are. How they can't help but fail us because they are helmed This is a film that is disgusted with both right and left wing bullshit. And celebrity. And media. And technology. And modern discourse. And a world where even science, our most likely saviour, because it is being delivered by the most faulty of messengers (people), it too can also let us down.

And so it feels when all people get out of the film is 'leftist politics', they are sort of falling right into the crosshairs of what this movie is actually bemoaning. The human brain which now only sees ideaology instead of ideas. That rejects a message simply because it has the appearances from coming from the 'wrong side'. This isn't a movie intended to persuade right wing thinkers into being left wing thinkers. It's a film telling everyone, no matter their political stripe, to start the process of crawling out of their own asses.

I didn't hate it as much as I expected to. But yeah, it is all the things people are saying, just not always (IMO) to intolerable degrees.

There are a shocking number of times where people are just incredibly angry in a way that we're seemingly supposed to find...cathartic? Funny? I have no idea. I have no idea what those moments are for. They happen too often and too early. For something like this you'd expect it to build and build and build and then someone, the sane character trying to remain sane while everyone around them is insane, eventually loses their cool, but that's not really how it happens.

The one thing I'll say in its defense is that there's a couple of genuinely quiet and poignant scenes near the end that show me it could've been a much better film. I think this is another case of someone throwing a lot of money and control at an established artist, and that artist just not editing themselves as much as they normally would, or should, leading to a bloated and muddy production.

I agree with Yoda's post. It wasn't near as bad as I was expecting, but wasn't really good either.

I really came here to say that I will be laughing at the general making them pay for White House snacks for a very long time. Feel like I think about those sequences once a week.