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Horror movie with mad scientist and bllod transfusions


Trying to remember the name of this movie. All details below are not guaranteed to be correct;

Older Asian guy as a mad scientist or some kind of vampire
Lived in a mansion
Had a lab in the basement where he would drain blood from women
One woman who betrayed him or he betrayed her ends up as a captive
He is looking over his captives in the basement - multiple women tied hands over head
He tells them to stay strong or stay healthy.
He pinches the underarm of the betrayed woman and says something like "what are you doing here Mrs x, waiting for a bus?"
At the end there is a beautiful young blonde woman (of course) that he wants to sacrifice. She is dressed in the typical "white sacrifice nightgown". Tied to a chair or an alter like a chair. Outdoors near a pool. Might have wanted to burn her alive. Might have been lightning.


YES! That's it. Wow. So fast. Thank you.

How did you find it? Memory?

I did not remember the zombies. I will have to watch it again.

BTW, the edit function does not allow to change the title?

YES! That's it. Wow. So fast. Thank you.

How did you find it? Memory?.
I haven't seen it, but I've seen the cover with James Hong several times while browsing horror movies. And there aren't that many non-Asian horror films with an Asian lead.