Searching for a war/refugee film I watched over 20 years ago.


In the 7th grade we had a substitute teacher for a week who showed us three films we probably had no business watching at that age. They were very impactful, but I am not sure if they're even any good. I figured out the titles of the first two films recently, but the third escapes me. It's been so long I can't recall if it was animated or live-action. I remember a good portion of the film took place on a train, the characters were refugees of some sort. At some point they become so thirsty they drink out of a communal toilet. Sounds terrible, but I have always remembered this and it's driving me crazy. I can't find any information online. The only other details I recall is that the main character was a woman and she was caring for at least one young child. It may have taken place in India, but I can't be sure at all. Sorry if this is too vague. Thanks for any help you can give me

Hmm. There is a scene like that in Mr Bones 2, which is a comedy and otherwise doesnít really fit your description. But the India connection is there. Itís too new, though.