An american movie from 1970s or 1980s I think


Hi movie experts,

Since I havn't seen the whole movie so I have only few clues to go on, but I will tell as much I can.

1) I'm sure it's american movie and it's either from the 70s or 80s.

2) I think it's a horror or thriller movie.

3) What I recall from the story I remember is these parts:

A) A family moves into a house where there on the first floor lives an old lady (I never got too see her, since I never got to see the whole movie) that the wife of the family have to look after.

B) On a shelf right outside the old ladys room there is some odd old pictures from the old ladies family generation - I surpose.

C) Last, is a scene where the father and son fool around in the house pool and suddently the father find some broken glasses and of course wonder where they comes from and why they are there.

This is all I recall also because it's many years ago I saw the first part of the movie, so I have no idea how it ends or it's any good.

Hope it's enough to find out what movie I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Looking at the trailer at IMDb it look to be the one. Great job even that I only had few details to offer. Now I need to find a way to watch the whole movie all over.

Okay how do I register this as "answered"? - or who does that?

Okay how do I register this as "answered"? - or who does that?
There's a link right at the top, under the thread title. Only the thread creator and mods see it. Posting this for posterity mainly.