Horror movie about rats or rodents


Please excuse the graphic description

I only remember 3 pieces of this movie

The first scene is in a parked car, a girl blowing a guy. All the sudden his eyes flash and he kills her, then he calls her a stupid b!tch

Second scene an older guy is holding a dead rat in front of these teens and I think he's telling them something about a ratcatcher

Third scene is a car with a pickup bed full of speakers, and these highschool jocks are trashing it cuz the speakers are emitting a sound they can't stand

That's all I got, pretty sure it's a horror movie. I think it has to do with rats or rodents as well

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At first I was like “Oh! Deadly Eyes!” But reading the description first, none of that sounds familiar.
Let that be lesson boys and girls....always read the description first.
Also, shameless plug for Deadly Eyes.
Which may or may not suck.....I can’t remember.

at first I thought this was about films with rats... but I guess you are looking for a specific one.

if you want a good film about rats.. watch "Willard". Both the 1971 and the 2003.

Also there is a movie called "Ben" (1972) that is about rats.



It is! And it even had a theme song from MIchael Jackson! Crazy!

*furiously adds both Willard and Ben to watch list*
You didnt know that? I did... I had been singing "Ben" since I saw this thread.

The trick is not minding
You didnt know that? I did... I had been singing "Ben" since I saw this thread.
I was pretty sure it was a sequel.
I was not aware the theme was from MJ.
I need to find them for Halloween

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Street Trash?
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Disturbing Behavior

Not about rats or rodents. It's a teen thriller/horror along the lines of mind control/behavior modification. Good movie.

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A couple of those scenes are definitely from Disturbing Behaviour, as was already mentioned. The rat scene sounds like a scene from Graveyard Shift, with Brad Dourif as the exterminator in a rat infested mill.

All I know is Graveyard Shift is one of those movies I refuse to watch because I watched it as a kid....alone....late at night. Yup, traumatized.
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