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Same here in CT. Would you be kind enough to explain why a one-year rabies shot is given & a 3 year rabies shot after that? Why canít an animal get a 3 year rabies shot from the get go? (Asking for my outdoor cat Calyx.)
I don't know if there is a medical reason for it. Your vet may know more than I do. What I do know, though, is that in the U.S. rabies vaccine protocol is determined by state law. In some states, it's required every year, regardless of whether it's a first vaccine or a booster. Other states allow a maximum of two years between vaccines, though I don't know if they require a booster 1 year after the first vaccine or not. Some states require the vaccine for animals 12 weeks of age and older, but California won't accept a rabies vaccine given before 16 weeks of age.

That said, there are some veterinarians that use non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats and those are only good for 1 year, regardless of what state law allows. There was a study done many years ago that suggested that adjuvanted vaccines were linked to cancerous tumors at the injection site in cats, which is why some vets prefer non-adjuvanted feline vaccines. However, other studies done since then have suggested that the cancer is related more to receiving the injection itself and that the adjuvant makes no difference.

@Miss Vicky, thanks so much. Off to the vet Monday with Calyx & Kandy, hoping all will be routine.
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