If you look at the reviews on Amazon, you'll see a tidy handful of people saying they had various sorts of playback issues with the discs in this set. Not a HUGE amount but enough that it certainly could be the discs. I also briefly wondered if it were some sort of setting on Stirchley's machine but then realized Stirchley likes to use CC all time and would probably know how to use that function.
I did read those reviews.

I wonder if the set might have been bootleg?
If it was bootleg, which I doubt, it was very nicely put together.

What did surprise me was that there was no problem with the refund. None whatsoever even though it was a 3rd-party seller. In the past Amazon has made the buyer contact the seller directly for a refund. So far as I know, seller doesnít even know this is coming back to them. One time the seller in a similar situation flat-out refused a refund & there was nothing I could do. Interesting that I had none of this today. And Iím not a Prime customer.

Did you guys read my blurb about Amazon returns in my Good News thread today? I was flabbergasted that itís so easy these days. Guess itís been a while since I have returned anything to them.
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