What do you think of the movie Parasite (2019)?


A little bit overrated, but a very fine movie. It's great we got a foreign movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture, though I would have given that to many foriegn movies, including one for the first ceremony in 1927: Metropolis. As for this year, I'd have given the award to The Lighthouse, and my first choice for a Korean best picture so far would by Oldboy.

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One thing about Parasite is that I read it was inspired by the movie High and Low (1963), and that makes sense. Both movies deal with the same themes, however, High and Low may be more plot driven, where as Parasite is more character driven. Does that make Parasite a the more powerful movie, compared to it's inspired HIgh and Low maybe?

A little bit overrated, but a very fine movie.
Saw it yesterday & was a tad underwhelmed. Which often happens when one is expecting a great deal.

Excellent cast - very energetic!

But my attention lagged a few times as the movie progressed. And I think I wonít watch it a second time. (Might change my mind though.)
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I don't think the movie is overrated.
This is a wise story, it is about the basics of the social structure of the world.
There are many misinterpretations of this film. First of all: who exactly is a parasite here?
I would say there is only 1 character who is definetely a parasite - and even more important how he became a guy like this.
The author explains this in almost direct text. The film academies in Hollywood grabbed it right away and granted the Oscar - and it's strange to me why average audience misses it.