Love and Mercy

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Okay, so I thought this was gonna be one of those Bio pics with a capital B. Where it chronicles the life of Brian Wilson from childhood and we're slowly being wheeled through every single detail and plot point.

On the contrary, I loved the pacing of this movie and the technique it used to tell the story was one we don't see as often in Bio Pics. Brian Wilson's story unfolds simultaneously between him as an adult and young self both equally as painful to watch. I've never wanted to punch Paul Giamatti as much as I did in this film. Personally I'm not a huge John Cusack fan but he kicked ass in this film.


You guys see it? What did you think?


Love & Mercy is an interesting film, I'm glad I watched it but I found flaws that diminished the experiences. I wish only Paul Dano had played Brian Wilson. I like John Cussak but having two different actors play the same man, took me out of the story and made me very aware I was watching movie.

My short review of Love & Mercy