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I want to start this thread dedicated to the discussion of films that not only won some of the worlds best film festivals, but also those films that were nominated. The reason I am interested in a discussion on this topic, is that film festivals tend to:
1) Celebrate films not only for their entertainment value but also for their creative content. It presents an opportunity for the viewing of niche films that will not necessarily make millions of dollars.

2) To discuss the world's various film festival contributions in their international context. No matter your country of origin, film festivals tend to pit the best films from a country in competition with the best from other countries.

One challenge I know we will face is the availability of these films. Some American films will be hard to find in other countries and vice versa. That is why I would suggest that when you review or discuss a film you try to identify how you accessed it.

This post will serve as a place holder as I assemble a group of links to various film festival nominations and winners in a historical context. All the winners 9and nominations when available) to all of the Cannes film festivals since its inception for example. I am going to start with Cannes, The Venice Film festival, The Berlin Film Festival, The Toronto Film Festival, The Sundance Film Festival. I also need suggestions and links to other film festivals.

While I will serve as moderator of this thread, I do not pretend to speak with authority on this topic. My interest is to learn more about this topic. I am going to rely on input from the others on the movies forum site, especially those of you from countries other than the US.

To open this topic would like to take nominations for festivals and the films they included.

This first post will be re-edited several times to help provide a comprehensive list.

We can discuss any film that won, was nominated for these festivals. We can discuss the directors who tend to be represented in these festivals, etc.

The main focus I would like to maintain however is recommendations and reviews based what you have seen vs what you have heard about. It would be appreciated if you can list the film, its basic information such as director, country of origin, language, etc. A personal goal for this thread is for its members to write and submit full-fledged reviews to submit to the review section of the forum. This might help present some films that are not mainstream to the site to its members. I know some of the foreign to the US films, but I only know the few that have made it to a general audience in the US, and not the many great films that have not made it to US theaters. What other festivals should be represented here?.

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The Big Three International Film Festivals

Cannes Film Festival 1939-present

Berlin International Film Festival nominations and Awards 1951-Present

Venice Film Festival

Other notable Festivals

Toronto Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

What appears to be a nearly comprehensive list of Film Festivals

All these sites have links to festival winners, and in most cases nominated films.

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This is what I have compiled as the first ten films on m watch list. I will review all the films I watch for this thread in this forum. I have already submitted some of these films in the review section.

1) Cinema Paradiso Dir. Tornatore Festival Cannes 1989 Grand Prix Jury
2) Paris Texas Dir Wim Wenders Festival Cannes 1984 Palm D' Ore
3) Life is Beautiful Dir Benigni Festival Cannes 1997 Grand Prix
4) Quenn Margot Dir Chereau Festival Cannes 1994 Grand Jury
5) Broken Flowers Dir Jarmusch Festival Cannes 2005 Grand Prix
6) Barton Fink Dir Cohen Brothers Festival Cannes 1991 Palm dD' Or
7) Wild at Heart Dir David Lynch Festival Cannes 1990 Palm D' Or
8) Sex Lies and Video Tape Dir Soderburgh 1989 Palm D' Or Cannes

9. The Mission Dir Joffe 1986 Pal D'Or Canns

10) All that Jazz Dir Fosse 1979 Palm d' or Cannes