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Sent mine in but it's not showing up under sent items. Let me know if it goes through.

EDIT: Okay, I hadn't clicked on that "Save under sent messages" option. So I sent two. My bad.
In addition to that option, there's also an option to have that option checked by default, just FYI.

Anyway, yeah, duplicate lists are NBD, much better than not sending one in!

With this latest batch, we now have the fourth-most entries of any list, behind the 70s, 60s, and the Animation list. Another batch of about the same side and we should move up to third...

Keep 'em coming!

I get what you're saying, and I think he does, too, though it can be instructive to talk about terminology and figure out which things have the best (or, more likely, least bad!) connotation for the context. Tough question, though.
Heheh this could be its own thread and that kind of excites me. In my opinion, anyone aware of the difference has the potential to be a critic. In fact, "everyone's a critic" has a lot of truth to it. "Objectivity" rings of a mindset that it's plain wrong to like or dislike certain movies, even though a lot of people don't have that in mind. Even though the term "professional" may have a proud background, but it's less encompassing.

Sent an updated list to @Yoda

It's gonna be a long night.....
I see that you got my noms-- name now on the list.

Nice of you to do this. It takes a lot of work.


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An "objective" classic is something like Citizen Kane where the technical innovation and influence is apparent and demonstrable. It's also subjectively affective and profound. Still didn't make my list though.

Lots of my favorites didn't make it - Welles, Altman, Lynch, Bresson, Jodorowsky, Ozu, De Palma. But my list is still all 10/10 personal favorites. Face it. There's just too many damn good movies.

gonna be tough to think of 25 movies i enjoy but i'll be sure to send in a list
Most Biblical movies were long If I Recall.
seen A Clockwork Orange. In all honesty, the movie was weird and silly

I think we all agonized over our list!
I kept fiddling with it over and over before just deciding Iím done.
Still not happy with a few placements.
Oh well....

Gonna sit back and watch this 100 films countdown list commence, I'm sorta late for the party when it comes to ranking them in order exact, it's fine. I have a 100 favorite movies list but too much work to update it since I've seen some new movies that would go on the list.

I got a feeling that I'll probably know which films are gonna be on the list(well some of them), depending on the other lists I've seen on other threads, which is fine. I wanna see some curve balls, I like when people do that on their lists because you never see it coming lol. I can't wait to see the countdown.

@Yoda -

This is me when after making my favorite 100 movies list from 2 years ago and then after watching movies that I have not seen and then be like aww damn I should of waited to make the list after I've seen some of these movies lol.

Sorry I meant to quote your comment on page 15, I deleted it by mistake

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I succumbed to peer pressure.

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You people aren't making it easy on me with duplicate films and missing numbers, ahaha.
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I'm ordering the list now and sending it in the next 10 minutes haha!
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