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Xmen 3

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Seriously, the movie was excellent. Perhaps the best movie Ive seen this year.
Originally Posted by moviehfy
Xmen 3

The illusionist 9/10

"The Island," 7/10

Interesting concept, decent acting I guess. But I felt like it was just missing something, and the product-placement was just pathetic. It's nice to know that in 2019 when we've got around to cloning ourselves for spare-parts, Aquafina water will be the drink of choice for our clone counterparts.

I've been talking about the whole cloning idea with friends since I saw it last weekend though, so in that respect it was pretty good.

The Proposition - 9/10

A fantastic story by Nick Cave. A very violent and difficult film to get through due to the violence. But, it's a very worthwhile film. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it.

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Miami Vice-10/10
wow I've heard really bad things about this movie. I've yet to see it though.

Book of Revelation

Avery interesting Aussie movie about abduction and Rape, very graphic in parts 4/5
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Severence- had high hopes but was very disappointed 4/10
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havoc : 8/10

Last movie I saw: "The Dead Pool," the fifth and thankfully final chapter in the Dirty Harry series. I remember loving this movie when I first saw it when I was a LOT younger, but watching it again now I really can't recall why. As satisfying as it is to see Jim Carrey get killed- the other 95 minutes of it were pretty much terrible. Number 4 was pretty bad too. The should have just made it a trilogy and called it a day.

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Super Troopers 8/10

Cannibal Holocaust 9/10

crank 8/10

black dahlia 7/10

man on fire 10/10

the illusionist 8/10

jackass 2 9/10