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Husband and wife, a water well, and gold coins for food.


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I am trying to find either a movie or episode of a TV show from the 80's, possibly early 90's. In the film, the setting is a rural home owned by a husband and wife. The husband is shown to be abusive and unfriendly. There is a well in the yard behind the house. At some point, the wife drops food down the well and later finds that the bucket over the well had been winched back up full of gold coins. She experiments further, sending down a turkey or chicken, and finding the bucket returned full of gold coins the next day. She tells her husband, who rebukes her and calls her a liar. When she proves to him this is happening, he suits up and arms himself with a gun, determined to find out who the culprits are at the bottom of his well. He has her lower him down via the winch. When the wife pulls him back up, he is standing motionless. As it turns out, his clothes were filled with gold coins, stuffed inside his clothes, but the man himself was gone. I have tried searching for specific terms related to this story but have had no luck. I can't remember if it was a movie or TV show, I just remember seeing it as a child. Can someone help?

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That's it! Thank you for helping me finally find it!

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