The MoFo Top 100 of the 2010s Countdown

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Near Misses (#121 - #130)

121. I, Daniel Blake - 66 points
122. It's Such a Beautiful Day - 64 points (this is the 2011 short, so it may be inaccurate as Yoda mentioned earlier)
123. Avengers: Infinity War - 63 points
124. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 63 points
125. Life of Pi - 63 points
126. Scream 4 - 62 points
127. The Skin I Live In - 61 points
128. Argo - 61 points
129. 12 Years a Slave - 60 points
130. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - 60 points

From the Near Misses (#121 - #130), I've seen the ones in bold above.

I liked Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Argo, and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, but none of them made my list. However I considered Avengers: Infinity War for my list, but it didn't make my final list.

I've seen the movie It's Such a Beautiful Day, but I didn't know that there was also a short. I've only seen the short if it's part of the full movie.

I started watching Life of Pi, but I turned it off part way into the movie because I was afraid that the tiger was going to kill the other animals in the lifeboat, and I didn't want to see that.
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Near Misses (#121 - #130)

121. I, Daniel Blake - 66 points
122. It's Such a Beautiful Day - 64 points (this is the 2011 short, so it may be inaccurate as Yoda mentioned earlier)
123. Avengers: Infinity War - 63 points
124. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 63 points
125. Life of Pi - 63 points
126. Scream 4 - 62 points
127. The Skin I Live In - 61 points
128. Argo - 61 points
129. 12 Years a Slave - 60 points
130. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - 60 points
Zero again...

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Near Misses (#121 - #130)

123. Avengers: Infinity War - 63 points
126. Scream 4 - 62 points
Had these on my list, happy they got other votes.

I forgot the opening line.
12. Arrival - I remember watching Arrival when it came out - I thought it was great. I never realised it would hit this kind of mark - close to a top 10 spot on a Countdown for the entire decade. Science Fiction is alive and well. It's been so long now since I saw it, and I guess another viewing is very long overdue. Great angle - with the person at the forefront when first contact with an alien species is made being an expert in linguistics, and how slight misinterpretations could still be cause for dire situations. Production Design for this film was absolutely first rate, and it was a visual and auditory feast - especially for those of us who enjoy good looking sci-fi films with intelligent stories. It was only when I got here that I realised how many other people really thought this film was terrific - and although I'm one of those people, it wasn't terrific enough to break into my top 25. Perhaps if I'd rewatched it before voting, it would have had a spot - who knows.

11. The Wolf of Wall Street - Every time I decide I'm going to watch The Wolf of Wall Street I find excuses not to, so for a very long time now I've been avoiding it. Everyone I know has seen it - and obviously people think it's great, but I don't know if I can handle a film about these kind of greedy jerks making me angry, no matter how much good comedy is in it. So, I haven't seen The Wolf of Wall Street, even though I know I should at least give it a chance.

Seen 80/90
My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

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I'll keep hosting the future countdowns until Yoda buys me a TV. So I'm afraid you're all going to be stuck with me for a while.
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The truth is in here
Predestination? (I haven't looked ahead yet, so I don't know if you already answered this or not.)
It's predestined to appear on the list.

I had Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird and Midsommar in my ballot. I really surprised not seeing these 3 in the top100. I realized that I won't see Midsommar and CMBYN after this point, but I was still waiting for Lady Bird actually. But for me, Midsommar is a much more valuable movie, I don't like horror generally and I like the idea of Midsommar that it makes you feel without a dark atmosphere and maybe even there are nothing visible to fear it succeeded to scare me. Lady Bird was fun and a good coming of age movie in my opinion. The things Call Me By Your Name told are really good and that relationship may be the best way to tell all of these.

Midsommar was my #7
Lady Bird was my #22
Call Me By Your Name #24

2)A Separation
8)The Favourite
9)Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
12)Black Swan
14)Toy Story 3
16)Get Out
22)Lady Bird
23)The Revenant
24)Call Me By Your Name

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Near Misses (#111 - #120)

111. The Babadook - 72 points
112. Mandy - 71 points
113. Won't You be My Neighbor? - 71 points

114. Skyfall - 70 points
- (68/100)
115. Uncle Boonmee Who can Recall His Past Lives - 70 points
116. Hanagatami - 70 points
117. Midsommar - 68 points

118. Hugo - 67 points
119. A Ghost Story - 67 points
120. You Were Never Really Here - 67 points


Seen only two of this group and even never heard almost all of the rest.
Again, none from my ballot, this time even none within my consideration list.
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terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

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I'm ok with you hosting again. I think the next countdown may be a tough one to get a host for, because I fear we are running out of volunteers

Society ennobler, last seen in Medici's Florence
Yes, once again somehow it is another one of our lists missing any Pedro Almodóvar titles. I still contend it is because even among his admirers (and there are plenty of us here on MoFo) there is no consensus as to what his one or two "best" are. It spreads his support among too many titles and none of them wind up making the Top 100.
Yes, and I know two more famous directors who suffer the same, unfortunately.
I have two Almodóvar films in my top 80 of the decade: Julieta (2016) and Dolor y gloria [Pain and Glory] (2019), the former was strongly into consideration for my ballot finally taking #35 on my list.

From the second set of near misses, I've seen 7.

The Babadook was on my shortlist, but was an early cut. I was surprised by how much I liked Won't You be My Neighbour? despite the fact that I didn't watch Mr. Rogers as a kid, but it didn't get a vote from me. I wasn't really a fan of Skyfall or Hanagatami, but I liked Midsommar, A Ghost Story, and You Were Never Really Here well enough. Mandy just barely made my list, but more on that below.

From the third set, I've seen 6.

The Skin I live In and 12 Years a Slave were solid films, but neither were on my shortlist. The Winter Soldier is generally regarded as being one of the better MCU entries, so it's weird to see it miss out when Endgame made the Countdown. As I already said though, I'm not a fan of Endgame so that could just be personal bias speaking. I prefer Infinity War as well, but it didn't garner a vote from me either. I don't have anything to say about The Force Awakens. I, Daniel Blake was one of the few dramas on my ballot.

My List: 12
01. Dredd (2012) - #42
03. The Raid (2011) - #100
04. John Wick (2014) - #48
05. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - #39
06. The Hunt (2012) - #57
08. Predestination (2014) - DNP #110
09. Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - #68
10. The Raid 2 (2014) - #75
13. I, Daniel Blake (2016) - DNP #121
14. The Martian (2015) - #82
15. Hereditary (2018) - #96
16. Get Out (2017) - #19
18. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - #56
20. Cabin in the Woods (2011) - #88
25. Mandy (2018) - DNP #112

25. Mandy (2018)

Mandy is a film that I previously thought I really liked. When I saw it in theatres, the only thing I knew was that it starred Nic Cage, and that there were some kind of horror elements involved. I was uncertain by the slow, artsy opening scenes, but there was something mesmerizing about it, and I loved the visual style. When the films goes off in its second half, I was totally on board and loved every second of it.

I thought it would place high on my list, however I rewatched it for the Countdown and wasn't really impressed. I actually turned it off 3/4 of the way through, during a section I had been excited to rewatch. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it on my list, but I decided to place it at #25 in lieu of selecting a traditional one-pointer.

13. I, Daniel Blake (2016)
Camo was the one who convinced me to watch I, Daniel Blake ahead of awards season that year, and I really enjoyed the film and its heart-wrenching moments. I semi-recently rewatched it when it was nominated for the 22nd Hall of Fame, so I'll just repost what I said here:
Though I, Daniel Blake was one of my favourite films of 2016, before it was nominated I had no intention of ever watching it again. I wasn't sure if it would have the same emotional impact the second time around, and I was worried that the more dramatic elements would feel like a chore. Luckily the film's runtime didn't drag during this viewing, and the scenes that had previously made me tear up still managed to deliver a gut-wrenching punch to my heart. Twice now I've had to pause that scene in the food bank.

The film somehow succeeds at being both a touching story of two people who bond over their shared struggles, as well as a deeply cynical and depressing critique of the welfare system. Those emotional highs and lows make it an exhausting watch, but for all the right reasons. Dave Johns is fantastic as the titular character. His performance appears very genuine, which makes it easy to feel compassion for his plight and to want desperately for him to succeed despite the odds.

Everything from the script to the film's cinematography gives
I, Daniel Blake an air of authenticity. Although there's an obvious leaning towards the grim and dreary, the visuals are very much grounded in realism. Not only does it help enhance the atmosphere, but it's a great reflection of the situation Daniel finds himself in. The political commentary is not exactly subtle, but it's quite effective, and highlights how the most vulnerable populations are often given the least amount of consideration. Though I have no desire to watch this for a third time, I'm definitely glad I saw it again.

I'm glad Arrival did so well in the countdown. Despite good support by Jeremy Renner, this was Amy Adams for the win in the performance department. Granted, I haven't seen every movie she's ever done, but of the ones I have, this is by far her best performance. And Villeneuve did a super job with this film. I still need to play catchup on his films but this is my favorite so far. It was #7 on my list.

Haven't seen The Wolf of Wall Street.

Of the Near Misses, The Nice Guys got my vote and it was #12 on my list. Hilarious stuff!

The ones I've seen in the NM category and didn't vote for are Lady Bird, which I really liked. But I voted for a different Saoirse Ronan film that I now know (in fact, probably a good ways back) has no chance. In fact, it's probably so far buried in the boondocks of this countdown that it will hurt if all the voted-for films are shown.

Have seen The Babadook and really loved that movie. I thought Essie Davis as the mother would have been nominated for an Oscar for her role, but it was a no-go. And my thoughts on the "twist" in the movie (or what I thought the director was telling us) I've copied from my LB review:

WARNING: "" spoilers below
The movie slowly turns the screws from her son being annoying to me fearing for his safety from the mother. I've seen mental illness close-up from someone I loved (they have since passed away) and Essie Davis must have studied mental illness very closely to prepare for her role because she does things that are completely realistic and reminded me of my own encounter with this horrible illness. Because she was so good, I'm convinced that this is really what the movie was portraying.

Won't You Be My Neighbor? How many documentaries can you classify as "feel-good?" For me, this is one of the few. What a sweet, class-act was Fred Rogers.

Skyfall One of the very best, if not the best of the Daniel Craig James Bond films. Love it, with what they gave us of Bond's background and Judi Dench doing a solid
WARNING: "" spoilers below
performance as M, with Albert Finney totally unrecognizable to me at first as a caretaker on Bond property.

Avengers: Infinity War Excellent penultimate MCU movie leading into the grand finale of that phase of the films.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Another of my MCU favorites. A great espionage thriller but with super-powered people. Add to that Robert Redford, Toby Jones, and one of my life-long loves, Jenny Agutter, and you've got a smashing thriller.

Life of Pi Excellent Ang Lee film, with a "this may or may not have happened" scenario going on, all beautifully rendered.

Scream 4 Fine entry in the series but I think maybe they should have stopped with this one. Still, they had money to make.

Argo I really liked this one, and I'm admittedly not the world's biggest Ben Affleck fan. But he did fine with this one. Did it deserve Best Picture? Probably not but whatever. It entertained and that's what I want.

Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens Really had a great time at the cinema with this one. Just a ball of Sci-Fi fun, with a new generation coming in and mixing with the original.

List so far:
#2. Moonrise Kingdom #37
#4. Silver Linings Playbook #24
#5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri #44
#6. True Grit #40
#7. Arrival #12
#10. Hell or High Water #73
#11. Zero Dark Thirty #58
#13. The Nice Guys DNP #103
#15. Edge of Tomorrow #68
#24. Gone Girl #65
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

Of those near misses only Uncle Boonmee was on my list. Contemplative, poetic and comfortable with existing as it is in mystery. For me it wasn't something to solve but more of an enigma to experience You.settle into it. Great example of the art form.
It was my #6. Agree with you, a really mesmerising, hypnotic film.

My list, because I confidently know that only 2 are making the top ten:

2. Rango (2011)
4. The Image Book (2018)
5. Ad Astra (2019)
6. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010)
7. The Souvenir (2019)
8. The Hateful Eight (2015)
9. The Handmaiden (2016)

10. Ash Is Purest White (2018)
11. Goodbye to Language 3D (2014)
12. Almayer's Folly (2012)
13. The Deep Blue Sea (2011)
14. Everybody Wants Some (2016)
15. Gone Girl (2014)
16. Passion (2012)
17. Before Midnight (2013)
18. The Lost City of Z (2016)
19. Knight of Cups (2015)
20. Paterson (2016)
21. The Dead Don't Die (2019)
22. Blackhat (2015)
23. Wajib (2017)
24. Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
25. A Separation (2011)

Generally speaking, movies about rich people being terrible only interest me if at some point someone stabs them in the face.
Then 2022 must have had some good films for you. So did you prefer Triangle of Sadness or The Menu?

Near Misses (#101 - #110)

101. Frances Ha
102. Call Me By Your Name
103. The Nice Guys
104. Moneyball
105. I Am Not Your Negro
106. I Saw the Devil
107. American Hustle
108. Lady Bird
109. Mommy
110. Predestination
A lot to unpack here.

I never really cared for Frances Ha. It felt more cute and clever than it was. One minute, you're complaining about being broke and the next, you're taking an overnight trip to Paris? Meh.

I Am Not Your Negro was a strong documentary focusing on James Baldwin and his philosophies. Samuel L. Jackson kind of underplays it as the narrator allowing his words room to breathe.

American Hustle was solid enough when I saw it a few years ago. The cast was having fun. It was fine.

Mommy had its moments, but at the end of the day, Xavier Dolan films don't do it for me. It WAS better than Until the End of the World.

None made my list.