1950's-1960's Asian Neo-Noir Film


So, at some point in my life, I watched a, I believe, Japanese Crime Neo Noir film and it was all in black and white. This film was different then most of its kind though, nothing like a Japanese film, seemed more french.

I dont remember much of anything about the film sadly, other than i watched it. I watched it on my phone when i didnt have much technology and have been meaning to go back and revisit it but I cant think of the name for the life of me.

I apologize in advance for the little to no information.

The trick is not minding
Need so much more info haha. Anything else that you may remember? The 60ís had a bunch of Japanese noir during that time. Anything from Suzuki to Kurosawa could apply.

lmao, it was the last one, Branded to Kill

Thank you!
Good to hear. I was thinking that only the more popular/best regarded Japanese film noir movies would be shown whereever you saw it. Same thing for French/Italian/Chinese, etc.