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We all know the Mofos like DVD's... and collect them. They also like the make lists... so this is the master list to link everyone's collections much in the same way the MoFo Members Top 100 Lists are linked...

If I miss adding your list, please have patience Grasshoppers... it's not on purpose... there are a lot of lists... and, it would help if you guys send me your links... preferably to my Comments because my pm box is overflowing 99.9% of the time...



AdamKanes DVD Collection



CinimaJunkies' Video Collection


Dasher's Movie Collection

–ŤstÓŮy's Movies!

Dexual Healing, AKA the Dexter Riley DVD Collection

Dr. West DVD collection

DVD Guyís Collection






Iro's DVD collection


Johnlindsey289ís DVD Collection



L.B. Jeffries DVD collection

1badgmc's DVD collection

Leo_Lover's DVD Collection


Michaelcorleoneís Constantly Expanding DVD Collection

Miss Vicky's DVD Collection




Pyro's DVD Collection




Spikez's DVD collection!


TheGirlWhoHadAllTheLuck_DVD collection



Vertical Gunn's DVD Collection




Yaya's DVD Collection


zenderella's DVD Collection


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Okay... so far, no one has sent a link to their collection and I'm pretty sure I don't have them all... so I'm opening this thread and you guys can post the links here if you want to... then I'll add them to the main list above...

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This is awesome nice one Cait

What I do is bite the bullet and sit there and type them all up, then whenever I get a new dvd, I update the list pretty much straight away. It is a pain to get into but once its done its very coooooooooooooooool
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Just a question, what's the difference between posting a whole list of my collection and posting a link to my online itemization?
Sorry I didn't see this sooner... if you mean a link to a site like DVD Aficionado ... I believe some of the MoFo lists are links... however, unless your collection is in the 1,000's... it might be a good idea to have a back-up list in case the site you're using goes down... 'tis up to you though. As long as the link is to a legitimate host site and not a spammy one, I don't see a problem...

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Thanks for the nice DVD list.

i love the Dexual Healing, AKA the Dexter Riley DVD Collection. it's awesome.

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soooo what if I just post a thread that lists my collection??? cause I don't really know how to do all that other stuff
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You post your DVDs in your own thread, and then somebody else will post a link to it here. Maybe.
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I'm still working on updating mine... but it's kinda one of those mood things...
speaking of which, i bumped mine 3 years after last entry.

whoops. Will add a couple a day from now on.

Question. What is the best site/program for cataloging your collection? I'm around 300 DVDs. I use to love but they disbanded few years back. Tried some other programs but I'd rather not pay. Any recommendations? What do you guys use?
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I'm literally working on a site to do exactly that right now. It should launch later this year.
Awesome keep me in the loop. I haven't really found anything to fill the void like DVDspot did. It was a great site for free. I've flirted with some pay ones I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger. I have a crap load of dvds and blu rays I need to catalog. Slowed down my blu ray purchases as late but I still get some if I see good deals.

Im new and dont have 25 posts yet so i cant add a link to my collection list what should i do ?

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Im new and dont have 25 posts yet so i cant add a link to my collection list what should i do ?
I'm thinking jump on in and get 25 posts. We don't bite. Well Sexy Celebrity does, but the rest of us won't.