Tenet, Christopher Nolan 2020 Film


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Yeah it is also my most anticipated movie of the year. That trailer reminds me of Coldplay MTV The scientist.

Yes we in on JDW. He was great in HBO's Ballers and BlacKkKlansman. Tenet is probably my most anticipated movie of the year right now.
If it doesn't make the release date because of C-19, I hope they release the VOD instead, on the same date preferably.
Lol never going happen. Nolan just wrote a piece I think in the NYTs about saving movie theaters during this time. He'd rather die then do that ha. It will be pushed back for sure to ensure movie theater release.
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an overrated, loud, glorified action film with a manipulative score by somebody like Hans Zimmer; that will no doubt enter the IMDB top 100 movies within 7 minutes of it's release.
Wow, it looks like someone googled "every Nolan film in a sentence"!

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Most (if not all) films are manipulative and we only really complain when a given film's manipulation doesn't work on us.
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Welcome to the human race...
Seriously hope he reconsiders that. The theatrical experience can wait.

Yeah, and knowing his films this will probably benefit immensely from the wide screen. I go to so few movies in theaters these days but I'll absolutely make an exception for this.

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I don't know if he is doing his dad's accent, but I don't recall him sounding exactly the same in his other movies.

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It's basically telling me what the film's central idea/mechanic is, and I still don't know what it is.

Definitely excited for this.
Hmmm, going around stopping bad things from happening either before or after they have occurred? Minority Report?

Also fun fact, Micheal Caine is rising on the chart of highest grossing actors of all time. Currently number 9, hopefully many more films to come and cracking that top 5. Micheal Caine played the guy on the Radio in Dunkirk, talking to Tom Hardys pilot.

Edit apparently that's incorrect, the wiki list is full of Marvel actors. Stan Lee is number 1 lmao