How about a Westerns list next?


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Yikes. Might need to really consider criteria for a Westerns list, then.
Does someone wear a cowboy hat, yes or no?
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That didn't take long I was just thinking about this thread too...

Hell yes, a Western Countdown would be cool! Last time we discussed this it was a popular idea AND we had a confirmed host Holden Pike. If there is one thing we've learned from doing these MoFo Top Countdowns is we need a confirmed host from the get go and someone who's dedicated and we'll see the countdown through. As a former host of the 1930s Countdown I know just how much work it involves!

With Westerns, it's American specific genre and so they don't always resonate with non-Americans...and MoFos are from around the world, so they might not be so interested.
I'm quite sure majority of my ballot will consist of Italian movies.

Also, I feel like it would be fun to do a “10th anniversary edition” of the 2010 version, maybe after Westerns? (Sorry for pushing my agenda just loving these countdowns).

Yep, we've talked about that a lot. People wanted to do it sooner but I agitated a little to wait so we could do one an "even" 10 years later. I'm for it.

I've already increased my movie to western ratio for this so hopefully it happens
I've been watching a wagon load of westerns for the last few months, only problem is I didn't write down what I watched! I guess I'll see how good my memory is