What was the last DVD you bought and why?


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Sopranos Complete 4th Season
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i just got this cuz its a pretty good movie but i dont thinks its close to QTs finest work.
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Pulp fiction collectors edition 2 disc special

I bought Office Space £5.99 today because I just love this movie, damn funny.

and Donnie Darko £4.97 because my friend stole my other copy.

Originally Posted by Reservoir_Dog
I bought Office Space £5.99 today because I just love this movie, damn funny.

and Donnie Darko £4.97 because my friend stole my other copy.
steal it from him

id steal it back from him, but the bastard moved away and i dunno where he's gone. it was cheap DVD so i bought it.

edit: nice avatar btw
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I got 4 dvd's about a month ago for 2 for $20 and they are Underworld,Thirteen,Ginger Snaps 2 and Kill Bill vol.1.I had seen all of them and they all are very good I give GS2-3stars(All Out of 4),Underworld-3stars,Thirteen 3stars and I give Vol.1 4stars.So thumbs up to all.
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Pulp Fiction 2 disc set, and Die Hard/Die Hard 2 4 disc set from amazon. Now if only they'd get a move and arrive...
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I bought Party Monster because I was in the mood of something a bit mad!! I thoought it was awesome and really funny!!
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The last DVD I bought was Resident Evil because I love the movie and it's a good zombie movie.
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I just bought "Special Edition Dr Stangelove or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb"
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The Reaping 7/10
Transformers 8.5/10
Flight of the Living Dead 6/10
The Invisible 6/10
Return to House on Haunted Hill 1/10
Planet Terror 8/10
A Mighty Heart 7/10

Me too i just saw it for the first time. I bought it cause alot of people here said it was good so I picked it up.




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i just spent alot of money on DVDs.
i got.

i have seen this show a few times and i thought it was hilarous and i dont have HBO so i cant watch it on tv. also it was only $20

this is one of my top. 3 favorite movies of all time and i was dieing to get it for a while.

also the scorsese collection but i cant find a pic of all the movies packaged together.

and i was about to buy juice but i was 56 cents short and its not that good of a movie so i said forget it.

I recently bought Sliders season 1 and 2 and Gattaca... Sliders because I loved that show growing up.. and I consider Gattaca to be the best sci fi film ever...

HellBoy, well kinda, as soon as i got money in the bank it sold out on the site, but i ordered it as it isnt out in UK cineams yet.
It will be the same with The Punisher and Bubba Ho-Tep, mind you i'll still end up seeing them in the cinema

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Felt it was about time i got this, and the reason i went out and got it was that i was watching Leon: The Professional and thought i needed another movie with Gary Oldman in it.

This cause it is just the good wholesome whakiness i love.

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I just got Jeepers Creepers, just cause it wasn't my money
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the last DVD I bought was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid becuase it was only $8 at Wal-Mart.
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