Powerful documentary. The woman pictured with Sama her baby is a photojournalist who filmed her life during the siege of Aleppo, Syria at great risk to their lives. Her husband was chief of staff at practically the only hospital left standing. The way these people live is utterly tragic yet somehow they maintain a black sense of humor. This was filmed in 2016 & conditions have gotten even worse for Syrians.
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

Another powerful documentary. I knew about this one-child policy that lasted for 30 years, but had no idea it involved inductions, abortions, forced sterilization, infanticide on a huge scale (if the baby was female), abductions, corrupt orphanages, huge fines if a family broke the rule, and other deplorable practices.

3-parter about Gloriavale, a Christian community in New Zealand of Christian Fundamentalists. All women are subjective to men () & the men totally rule. No contraception & censorship of books, movies, minimum access to the internet, etc., etc. Sounds rather awful, but they seem genuinely very happy. Whatever they need they grow or manufacture & are completely self-sufficient. They are involved in several businesses & even discussed the purchase - for 1,000,000 New Zealand dollars - of a rig to dig for oil.

Very interesting documentary.

63 Up so good. Been watching this for 9 years now ever since 7 Up. Next time will be 71 Up. Yikes.

A very long overdue documentary of these 4 Holocaust survivors. Very interesting & very good.

Loved this 3-parter from the BBC. Magnificent place.

Have any of my fellow Brits here visited Chatsworth? I have not.

⬆️ Oh, I know this woman & I do recall that she has this show now. (Can’t remember her first name.) She was in the mindless, but hugely entertaining, Ladies of London & she’s married to a guy who’s gonna inherit a huge pile one day.

Did you see my post above about Chatsworth? I have all the books related to the home & I watched the documentary twice.

Very interesting. Two brothers who didnít know the other existed find each other after 60+ years. And then discover there is a third brother.

No clue why Taylor Swift made this documentary. Moderately interesting, but sheís - shall we say - somewhat vapid?

Very interesting documentary about principal dancer Wendy Whelanís retirement from the New York City Ballet. Really good.

Re-watch. Formula One racing is not so well-known here as it is in Europe. Fascinating documentary of this Brazilian champion who was ultimately killed on the track.

Very interesting. About a bird hoarder in upstate New York, but, ultimately, about a marriage.

Made a few years ago & so very interesting. Itís free on Kino Lorber for a few more days, I think.

The Taylor Swift documentary I just don't trust at all - This biographic documentaries seem to easy to manipulate and stage, and therefore lacks any sense of authenticity at all.

RE on Senna: Brilliant documentary. So powerful and intense. The documentary filmmaker has made a bunch and Amy is his best, and just one of the most moving pieces of film I've seen in a long time.

@rauldc14@MovieMad16;Have you seen Maradona? Also made by Asif Kapadia, who made Amy and Senna.

It's another amazing documentary. Apparently there was so much footage that he had to use that there's a huge version (I can't remember exactly how much but something like 9 hour) version.