Game: I'm the Only One Who's Seen...


28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
I've watched this a few times-

Pig Hunt (2008)

Haven't seen Chumscrubber but I do know of it.
Sorry Cricket, I OWN Pighunt

Here's a few on my end:

Score: A Hockey Musical


Bad Johnson

A Long Way Down


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Suspect's Reviews

Next time , be more specific.
I have seen "Disconnect", Own the dvd for "The Last House in the Woods" and I have seen "Victims"

Im probably the only one who seen this as it is extremely hard to find

Master of My Domain
Never seen Bernie before. The guy on the poster looks like a cross between Tarantino and a Joaquin Phoenix around the age of when he was filming Her.

Now for my film, I think I'm the only one who dared to watch this one.

Master of My Domain
I've seen this, but I wish I hadn't.
Have you seen the Nostalgia Critic review on it? I laughed my ass off, if you're interested and have the time, see it. I insist.

Master of My Domain
No, is it on YouTube?
Yep, its one of his most popular reviews, finding it will be easy.

Egészséges Erotika

very interesting one, but i doubt if anybody else had seen it...
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Am I the only one who's seen Super Fuzz (1980)?

Nope - I have seen that Terrance Hill classic probably 20 times. it was in high rotation on cable in the early 80s.

Supa Supaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Am I the only one who has seen:

Mother's Day (1980)?

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