Before They Were Famous Picture Game!


Music Hop is a TV series, I'm referring to the host: it's either Alec T or David Mick. Something like that. I will have to Google. If it's not them then I will guess the guy out of Saved By The Bell.

Oh, apparently one of the hosts was called Alex Trebek but his full name is actually George Alex Trebek, he's in his 70s now. The other guy is Dave, not much on him to compare the picture. Mark Paul Gosselaar was blonde when younger, I'm going to have to rethink my decision. Look forward to finding out who this is.

that's what she said...
OOooOOoOoOOO! This game sounds fun!! Post another so I can play!
Nicolas Cage
^to be in 14 movies in the next two years^

B.J. Hunnicutt, I reckon.
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