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The Personal Recommendation Hall of Fame V: Comedy Edition


I'll kill anyone who get's in the way of me killin
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I'll kill anyone who get's in the way of me killin

Ready or Not (2019)

Ahh, those quirky family traditions like Game Night - that incidentally pops up on a wedding night. The new addition to the Uber Rich Gaming Dominion, aka Family, must pull a card from the hat to choose the game.
Typically, it's benign, everyday games.
But once in a great while, the Hide and Seek card come up, and that's what Grace (Samara Weaving) has VERY unfortunately pulled.

Blood splashing Dark Comedy with quite the competent cast, with a well-played build-up and execution. The pacing was ideal, and while I'm not a big fan of the genre, I got a big kick out of many scenes throughout the film.

[email protected] rich people. . .

I'll kill anyone who get's in the way of me killin

Symbol aka Shinboru (2009)

SOOOO MANY lil baby cherub penises. SOOOO MANY choices.

And I gotta say, a WHOLE lotta funny results.

Two very opposite stories eventually meet. The first begins with a hard-driving Spanish Nun jamming as she drives in the desert. I was hooked. She was [email protected] awesome.
The other. A very surprised man wakes up in a room with no exits, where he experiments pressing a tiny pee-pee down and a panel opens, and all kinds of "things" pop out.
A humorous, nonsensical venture that somersaults down the rabbit hole into a Cartoon-esque physical comedy. So, yeah, I stayed hooked.

I had purposely waited, having grown more and more curious to see this after enjoying Mad Love and thus, added to a pretty happy finale.
Great call, @ueno_station54, that was pretty [email protected] cool.

Oh, puffing beforehand - HIGHLY recommended.

I'll kill anyone who get's in the way of me killin

Boy (2010)

Mr. Langston: People call me a dumb honky all the time. I don't go round punching them.
Boy: Why not?
Mr. Langston: Because they're usually children.

Seeing more of Taika Waititi is high ranking Wishlist for me, so a HUGE YAYYYYY to whomever for this one.

I loved this one.
A continual warm drenched smile can also achieve that pleasant afterglow effect of laughter in this life-affirming, warm ball of good feelings within Boy's "Interesting World."

An estranged dad (Taika Waititi) shows up with two buddies looking for a buried stash of cash and sees his boys again. It is a well-told fractured family story of coming together with a lot of love, awkward but honest life moments, amongst some rather beautiful and delightful moments securing an endearment to them all.

Lovely, lovely film.

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 started in 1988 and ran until 1999 two years later this film came out. This is basically a film trying to be a bad science fiction film from the 60's. It tells the story of three different groups...aliens, a geologist and another scientist with a mutant girl. It's shot in the California woods and the aesthetic that it's going for is good.

The film is a mixed bag, I admire it's efforts to parody and make a "bad film" but still make it a genuine film. The problem is it's kinda one note and it's always head on. Every line is meant to be bad and you can't make a successful parody if the film is rooted in it's genre. I found myself bored and annoyed in the second act so the last hour of the film just felt like it went on forever.

Also because every character is goofy and doing a "bit" you don't really care about any of them. With no straight man it hurts the jokes landing. The gender politics of the wife/scientist works the based because it's rooted in a sense of reality. You also have a lack of variety in the humor once you get the tempo of the speech you see every punchline coming...that also makes this a rough watch. They have a monster in a rubber suit and I wondered why they couldn't find more humor with that than what we ended up with.

I won't say it's a terrible film because a number of jokes did land but more didn't.


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