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The State of Netflix


I would do the same - are you sure theyíd keep the more expensive ad-free option, though? I sure hope so.
100% sure.
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

Ha, I just read this

And then remembered the creation of this thread and what you had to say..... My sister gave me Netflix a while ago, but I've saved a few music documentaries I haven't seen, but I wasn't that interested to begin with. But, with this impending doom, I have and will try to see and complete something. I know it's in me, I saw three movies in one day a few weeks ago. They didn't even hit the 8/10 mark, but decent is better than awful.

Reminds me of the real estate bubble.. Except that Netflix would pay Dave Chappelle 60 million for 3 specials (2 of them which were already in the can), and kept going.. I remember it was being advertised as $9.95, but I doubt anyone pays that much, but I didn't remember to ask my sister. I told her it was junk, and that THIS was the reason she couldn't pay attention to the movies.. I asked her if she saw anything (when she had COVID) and she told me she couldn't get into them. I let her know it's not her, it's the movies. They're not good. But I've sent her all my lists, mp3s, etc.. I even bought my nieces an mp3 player, and still working out the playlist.

CNN+ will be kaput by the end of the month..
Just noticed this article re Netflix hemorrhaging customers--perhaps as many as 2 million.

I was wondering when their excessive spending would catch up with them. I hope it's true that they will now have to focus more on quality rather than quantity.

And Matt, you sure were right about CNN+ !