MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2020 Season


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Video chat draft was pretty damned fun. Must do again next season!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

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So, this happened:

"Willie Calhoun sustained a fractured jaw after being hit in the face by a pitch during Sunday's Cactus League game."

It begins...

Luckily, looks like it could have been much worse. He will clearly miss some time, but at least be is going to be OK. Yikes!

Didn't mention this when it happened but needless to say I'm kind of happy about it and I didn't want to jinx him by drafting him. Superstition in baseball? Pffft! They are saying Braun had a lot to do with Yeli signing. Thank you Ryan, you choche. Best thing you've ever done. Now, all Yeli needs to do is continue doing what he's doing on/off the field, don't drink or eat anything Braun gives you or use his doctors and, if you do, don't blame it on the UPS driver and you shall have a statue next to Robin and Hank in 15 years. This is just a hair below the Reggie White signing in terms of statewide WOW factor (nothing will ever top that one). Have to think the Players Union isn't too happy or his agent.

My waiver pick of Tommy LaStella hopefully will pay dividends. He was one of the top 2B last year until he broke his leg with a foul ball. Was it him being streaky? No. He adjusted his swing just like that J.D. Martinez guy did.

Aaron Civale was pitching like a boss the few games he started last year too.

Hopefully I haven jinxed them both by posting this.

Yeah, both the MLB season and my softball season are starting in just weeks, and it's starting to feel like neither's going to go ahead on time.
I hope they don't cancel the baseball season. If they go ahead with it and require attendants in the stadiums to wear gloves and face masks, who knows, it might invigorate some interest in the sport again. I feel this is more Hysteria, influenza kills more people than the Coronavirus.

I hope they don't cancel the baseball season.
There's almost no chance of this happening. Delay, however, and even a moderate shortening, is quite likely.

I feel this is more Hysteria, influenza kills more people than the Coronavirus.
I don't want to derail this thread, but comparisons to the seasonal flu don't really make sense as a means of evaluating the seriousness. There's more in the Coronavirus thread, though, if anyone wants to learn more and/or discuss the non-sporting implications.

Right, Baseball will probably be delayed and shortened as a result.
It’s also looking likely that The NCAA tournament will be canceled. 🙁