Movie where driver hits someone walking by opening car door?


Pretty sure it's a movie, but might be a show. Title says it all, but to expound a little: I have a memory of someone walking alongside a car, or maybe running from it, and the driver is alongside them and opens up the door briefly to hit them with it and closes it again. Anyone know what that's form? A comedy, I'm pretty sure.

I think this moment was also in a trailer for the film, for what it's worth. Probably about a decade old, but could be anywhere from 5-15 years ago, if I had to guess.

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Gaaaah. I can see that scene. Try looking up chase flicks with Gerard Butler. Maybe Payback with Mel Gibson?

Sadly I won't even know it if I hear it, necessarily, I'd need to find a clip. I'd also probably be okay with just an example of this, even if it's not the one I had in mind, as I feel it's a gag that's probably been used more than once.

I feel fairly sure it was a comedy, though.

Cool, thank you.

Bit more: I think the shot was from behind, person walking away, car driving away. Door flips out, hits them, snaps shut again. I wanna say the car was a blue convertible, too, but I'm less sure about that part. That might be me merging this memory with Tommy Boy.

Eddie Murphy's Reggie Hammond prevents Luther's escape by opening a car door in the original 48 Hrs. (1982). "It looked real painful when you slammed into it."

Is it similar to that scene?
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Well, Gerard Butler's The Bounty Hunter had him driving an old powder blue convertible and had a lot of physical car gags. Very possible it was one of the earlier scenes in which he was chasing down a bail jumper before picking up the main story.

Midnight Run (1988) also has a similar running gag. In the opening scene Marvin (John Ashton) uses his car door to knock somebody down in an attempt to steal a bounty from Jack Walsh (Robert DeNiro). Toward the end of the film there is a callback to the action and this time Marvin knocks Jack over so he can steal Mardukas (Charles Grodin).

Joe Pesci slams Frank Vincent's head with a car door repeatedly in Raging Bull.

I know for sure this is not the scene you are referencing or the movie you are wondering about, Yoda, but just thought I'd add that in there, because it was such a badass scene.

I think this post calls for a new topic for the Baker's Dozen game thread.
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Dunno if that's it or not, Holden, but it fits the bill! Thank you!
I'd say if it's not 48 Hrs. or Midnight Run you are remembering then it is a later flick that ripped them off/is paying homage. Those are the two that came to mind for me. If something similar is in a later, derivative movie it isn't ringing any bells for this MoFo.

Yeah, that seems likely. I'm gonna mark this answered since I got a clear example of what I was looking for. If anyone else thinks of any more recent films doing the same bit, please do still post them, though.

Thanks guys.

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Funny you mention Woody Harrelson. I just started King Pin (again) and about 6 minutes in, Big Ern opens his car door into a young and confused Munson as he walks by under a garage service awning. This is just after discovering someone put sugar in his fuel tank.

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