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I found the marketing quite annoying, before the interviewers had even said hello all the cast can't wait to blurt out that "The Joker and Harley split up", I saw that happen in at least 3 interviews. Like the cast had all been told to hammer home that "they've split up".

No the real reason is that there's a more successful Joker out recently and Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad wasn't particularly well received.

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It can be two things.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, Iím thinking about you.

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From what I heard, there was not a single man in a movie that was "good". Literally all men in that movies are bad. And it's 80-90% on rotten tomatoes. Sounds very fishy to me.

This is neither here nor there, but the greatest comic run of Birds of Prey (IMO) was when ground-breaking, female, comic writer Gail Simone took over the reins (and Ed Benes was regular artist).

I haven't seen the movie, but I get the feeling it's nothing like the comic's best run.

(Although I'm sure they'll now structure the comic around the movie which they ALWAYS seem to do even if the movie is nothing to write home about! This never made sense to me - a comic is good enough to warrant a movie - so they change things from the comic to make the movie - the movie is never as good as the comic just like the movie is never as good as the book... but THEN, they change the comic to make it just like the movie which is sub-par to its original source material!)

During this era of the comic's run, the characters in the movie (Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya, & Casandra Cain) were not part of the team.
The comic team when Simone was writing it consisted of Oracle (parapeligic Barbara Gordon, fomerly Batgirl), Black Canary, the Huntress with several extended or part time members who are not listed in the movie's cast.

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From what I heard, there was not a single man in a movie that was "good". Literally all men in that movies are bad. And it's 80-90% on rotten tomatoes. Sounds very fishy to me.
The guy who makes Harley her sandwich is good.

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The guy who makes Harley her sandwich is good.
Fair enough. But one good man in the whole movie means, I am sure a lot of people won't bother.

From what I heard, there was not a single man in a movie that was "good". Literally all men in that movies are bad. And it's 80-90% on rotten tomatoes. Sounds very fishy to me.
It's not that difficult to work out. Harley Quinn is a vey smart cookie, a psychologist or psychiatrist (cant remember which). Se has also got a very askewed world view. Now on top of this has broken up with Mr J, and the entire movie is being told from her perspective. So it is not an accurate or factual account of what happened, but of events viewed through this prism of Harley Quinn, which means it is more fantastical than purely factual.

Which includes HQ's own inflated badassery (case in point, some of the damage that she supposedly took would have shattered bones, not broken them, let alone walk away from without a scratch or her visit to the police station etc), as well as the men being representative of the Joker, whom she is beating down, taking her revenge and breaking free from - it's classic projection. And so, when considering that, it makes sense. And when thinking about it from that perspective it's actually a pretty fun ride.

So really it's unlike all the previous DCEU or MCU movies. In fact the closest comparison would probably be with Tank Girl from the 90's, which took a similiar approach, and none others really have ever since.

I just finished watching this. Decent fun. I thought Margot Robbie made an earnest effort, and at times she is brilliant but on the other times it felt like watching a female Mask, and only Jim Carrey could pull off the Mask.

The rest of the characters were decent. The plot was actually too simplistic.

The action scenes were well shot and choreographed. Not as brilliant as Atomic Blonde's, whose fight scenes can be compared with the fight scenes in this movie.

The police station scene was topnotch. Had the right mix of action and colours.

The gender argument around this movie is weird. But I suppose that's how it will be going forward with every movie. Touchy folks on both sides of the debate. Female characters were portrayed nicely in this movie, without them being preachy.

My already existing crush on Mary Elizabeth Winstead grew ten fold. Huntress was so much more cooler than everyone else. Or maybe I am biased because of my crush on Miss Winstead.

Birds of Prey was really underwhelming

Haven't seen it but it looks terrible in the trailers. The costumes are bad, they don't even look like superheroes, but overdressed party girls.

Like most comic-based movies... if only they'd followed the original source material they would have had something far more exciting and entertaining.

I never understand the reasoning - here we have something successful enough that we'll base a movie on it... but then we'll change everything about it (which made it entertaining and successful and worthy of having a movie made about it in the first place)... and then wonder why it's so sub-par to the original source material and just sub-par in general.

Well I think that Harley Quinn is also not as popular of a Batman villain to make a spin off movie of, is she? If you were to compare Batman villains to Bond villains for example, wouldn't Harley Quinn be around the ranking of Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, or am I totally off on that?