Happy Belated, Nebbit!


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Here's to a consistently pleasant mofo! You're always willing to show support and extend friendship and those are the traits that make this more than a movie discussion board and more of a community. Thanks for sharing your valuable time with us, lady!

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Happy Birthday!!

Mr M Rides Again

MoFo Survivor - r3port3r66 wins!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, you are invited over for some meatloaf and mashed taters tonight if you can make it.
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I will pass on the meatloaf but I am up for the Mash

Thanks guys
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Happy Birthday Nebbs you truly are one of the kindest (and one of my favorite ) members of this site
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- Alfred Hitchcock

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Happy Birthday Nebbs~~
Have a wonderful time celebrating the day of your birth. And Sammy's right Nebbs. You make this place much more of a warm community rather than a quick stop online. Thanks for making this a friendly place to come to. Cheers to you lady.~

Happy Be-lated Birthday to one of my favorite MoFo's!!!!

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AiSv Nv wa do hi ya do...
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Happy Birthday Nebbs
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I really must check out this part of the site more often.

Hope you had a great day, pet, you're one of my favourite people.
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Yeah, happy birthday Nebbs!!
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