Life on Mars


If you don't know, this is a BBC drama series about Sam Tyler (John Sim) a cop who gets knocked over and wakes up in the 70s. Both series passed me by on TV and it wasn't until the buzz of the last episode came and heard it was meant to be pretty good. Few episodes through now and am quite impressed.

For BBC, it has excellent production values and really captures the era well, with sets, music and dialogue. The writing is really shining in the nailing of generational ideals and fashions, though so far a lot of the crime stories are old hat. Both Sim (a long way from Human Traffic) and Philip Glenister who plays his boss are rather good, as the chemistry in whole. So far it mixes between being a straight cop cop drama and a Twin Peaks-esque mystery of whether he's back in time, in a coma or dreaming or what. Some of the surreal moments are creepy but not as effective as Lynch's work, an obvious role model.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else watched it. No spoilers please! (Least till i've finished it)

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I watched it, liked it a lot. But there was just something not quite right about it, especially towards the end of the concluding series that I can't really put my finger on. Atmosphere or something. Where are you up to?
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Just finished it. Didn't like how they reeled out the cop drama cliche plots, though loved Gene Hunt, glad he's getting a sequel series Ashes to Ashes. The writing in the second series didn't seem as witty though and did begin to loose interest in it. Not sure if i liked the ending, need to watch it again i think.

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So, PT, is it worth my time?
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Yeh, well, it's more a cop drama than anything else. It played to the Lynchain surrealism to begin with but played it down after a while favouring the more conventional police cliches but there were enough nice touches and performances to recommend you watch the first season as least. Not to mention it's recreation of the 70s is really well done. Also as a Brit, it is nice to see a well produced BBC drama.

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Missed Life on Mars but did catch the first ep of Ashes to Ashes which was quite good, although the dream sequence with zippy and George from Rainbow freaked me out.

I loved Life on Mars. Watched the first ep of Ashes to Ashes and found the lead character so annoying it nearly put me off seeing the second, I did watch it tho and started to soften my attitude towards her - specially when
WARNING: "plot" spoilers below
she met her mum

did you watch the second Thurs?

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
I missed a couple of episodes - 3 and 4, I think - but caught up with the last couple of episodes the other day and now I am completely hooked. Can't believe next week's is the last in the series and hope the rumours of a second series are true...

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Just read that one of the networks are going to produce an American version
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Just read that one of the networks are going to produce an American version

Why o why!!

Gonna spoil it happend with The Office and now this...


Anyone watch the American remake? Harvey Keital is pretty damn good casting, and wouldn't be averse to seeing 70s NY recreating though still wonder if it's really worthwhile.

And saw Ashes to Ashes, not good as Mars. Bowie just made me think of Flight of Concords- unintentional humour there.

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I caught the ending to the short run series, anyone else?

I thought it was pretty far out there.....
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I tried getting into the first episode of the US version, but couldn't. I'm losing touch with the television, I think.
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We were watching the US version of this series (because it came on right after "Lost," LOL). I didn't find it all that spectacular as a series. Sure, the '70s stuff was pretty decent, and the details were funny at times. And with Harvey Keitel and Michael Imperioli (with a huge feathered hairstyle and mustache), it was well acted.

But it was trite, and we watched every episode wondering what the heck was going on. All the opening credits told you were something like, "I was in an accident of some sort and woke up in 1973." And he's trying to get back home to 2008 the whole series.

Well, the series finale was last night ... and, considering the show title and all, it was a semi-obvious ending and yet peeved me a little bit. Why? Because you shouldn't have to watch every single episode of a series wondering WHAT the initial gist of the series is, only to find out absolutely EVERYTHING in the last episode ONLY.

It made for frustrating viewing up until last night.

My two cents, anyway. Short-lived, and shouldn't have been any longer than it was.