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Ok, Ok, there's a major problem here. First of all, they started dropping clues for the whole Mayor storyline in Season 2. Second of all, while 3 was not the most cohesive, if you think that the arc in 4 was better structured then you must need to stop taking your welbutrin prescription or something because completely contrary to your opinion, it felt so painfully obvious to me that they changed their minds about what was going to happen in that year about three or four times. Right up until the final episode, and if you go and look at the production notes, among other things you'll notice that when they wrote that big fight that the gang had at the end of the Yoko Factor, they (the writers) had completely forgotten that they hadn't decrypted the discs revealing the location of Adam's lab and had to go back and add all thisstuff about them realising Spike was playing them, completly taking the sting out of any realisation the group had drifted. So in fact, they had no idea where it was going.

Now that having been said, the complaint you have with S3 feeling fragmented because it was more episodic and Faith wouldn't be there every time? I actually kinda liked that. Well to begin with, it point about Faith not always being there was that she wasn't that close to Buffy or any of the others which is what ultimately makes her more easily alienated. But I like the fact that it wasn't just the same thing every week, that something new happened if you will. If we flash forward to S5/S6/S7, you know what? It just got dull beyond a certain point. Though of course, there were other reasons for that which I'll get to later. But it was partly due to the fact the plot, well, plodded and got dragged out and on and on.

I don't know why you think Mr Trick would be the big bad, but it was certainly a jolt that he got killed off earlier than one might expect; That was good. Of course, he could have been so much more, but it kept you on your toes.

Overlong character arcs? I have no idea what you're attempting to refer to other than possibly the thing with the Buffy/Angel stuff and Angel not doing much which I will concede to you on. I got a kick out of it, cause I've always loved watching doomed relationships attempt to develop (I'm sick that way) but I can sure see why it would annoy people. But re: Cordelia, she did get cheated on and impaled. I'd be pretty pissed, wouldn't you? It's not like she was that the whole time; When called on, she still contributed to the group. I don't understand your complaint about the sub plots distracting from the main plot. First of all, the main plot hadn't hit top gear yet, second is the simple fact that if nothing else is going in these peoples lives, well thats kinda dull, no? The characters were at their most likeable during this season and felt relatable, something missing from them just about every subsequent season.

Graduation Part 2 was great - Hey, I thought it was better than the season 1, 5, 6 or 7. Obviously, 2 was the best finale and well I wouldn't put it above or behind 4. They're of different ilk. And I loved the Prom. I loved its maturity, I loved it subtlety. I guess I just look at the whole thing from an entirely different perspective than you. When it comes down to it, I look at a season, I don't look at how it flows or whatever artistic concerns, I look at how much fun I had watching and how entertained I was. So we'll have to agree to disagree. I know I just rambled on without actually making any real point, I kind of got lost and distracted by football stuff halfway through typing it, so I think the only part that probably is relevant is that last bit...
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Funny, I never noticed the thing about "The Yoko Factor". I do agree that the plot dragged in S5 (I don't remember 6 and 7 that well) and I think it's because they introduced Glory too early. It always bothered me how they spent almost an entire season making Glory do nothing but wonder what/where the Key is. The story arc was definitely too stretched out with that one. Which is one of the reasons why I like S4 - Adam wasn't introduced until half way through and they kept dropping clues and stuff. Even if the writers didn't know what they were doing with S4, you (or, at least, I did) always got the feeling that they've got it all planned out, I think.

You make a good point about Cordelia, though it bothers me how she just became almost a minor character like that. The Bangel stuff actually doesn't bother me at all, in fact S3 was the first season that I really liked Angel's character. He always struck me as uninteresting before, though I loved Angelus in S2 and so when he came back, I started to like him all of a sudden. It does feel like both Cordelia and Angel are just hanging around to wait for Angel, the show, though.

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The kids and I recently finished watching the entire series. It was great fun to do.

We all loved the musical show.

I enjoyed the extras where the writers try to explain the things they did that I HATED and explain how brilliant and perfect those plots were.

These things were easier to take through the kids eyes and the second time around.

Any1 like the Buffy comic besides me? Me likey much-much!
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Any1 like the Buffy comic besides me? Me likey much-much!
I just read all of the ones that are out, about two weeks ago. Good stuff and I'm totally thrilled to see what goes on with the characters, post season seven. Also totally loving the Jo Chen cover art.
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Just finished this fantastic series. All my life I turned away from it just based on his sort of goofy premise and title but after being talked into watching the first two season by my brother I was hooked. I watched it constantly for three months until I saw it all.

I just finished with the finale and will be moving on to Angel shortly.

Just wondering if any of the newer or older members are fans and want to discuss some Buffy
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Just wondering if any of the newer or older members are fans and want to discuss some Buffy
Starting a Buffy thread was recently brought up in the Lost thread. I didn't know that this thread already existed. I am going to do a rewatch of all seasons probably starting tommorow. If anyone wants to join me, I'd love the company.

I didn't think I'd like Buffy either, but I got hooked and it ended up being my favorite show.

Yeah it really was like a hidden gem and even after 7 years didn't lose its ability to surprise me and be consistently interesting and well written.
The high points of the series for me was seasons 2,3,5 and 7. The 6th I was torn with, it had some really good episodes and story lines but also some stuff I was getting really bored with like they stayed on Buffy's losing her will to be alive for too long.

Seasons 1 and 4 also had some real good episodes like The Pack in 1 and Hush in 4 but for the most part the main story arcs and villains weren't all that well done. plus Riley is a punk

It really was a great show, I tell anyone who will listen about it. I would agree with you about season 4 and yet it also gave me My favorite episode. "Primeval" is without a doubt for me the day that Buffy became a heavy weight show. Up until that point Buffy was so alone and really always was, sure she had her "Scooby's" that would help out but for the most part she was on her own. But "Primeval" was spectacular!

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Seasons 1 and 4 also had some real good episodes like The Pack in 1 and Hush in 4 but for the most part the main story arcs and villains weren't all that well done. plus Riley is a punk
Riley was the only character I couldn't stand. I think season 3 may be my favorite.

Yea season 3 by far is my favorite the duel slayer storyline was just done so well and faith was a great counterpart for Buffy. Just showing there isn't one way to be a slayer. My only gripe was the lack of Spike but we get plenty of him in the seasons after so its alright.

Riley wasn't even that intolerable in season 4 I sort of liked his story of everything he believed in ended being shady and evil but it was Season 5 when he was just turned into a whiny unneeded character. But watching Angel kick his ass was always great

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You guys are making me want to dig my seasons out again...
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I was in shock over Joyce's death and that episode was so well constructed. The use of no score shows that it was ahead of its time, and people are catching on now with films like No Country.

One of my all time favourite shows, I think it was the first one in which I had to be home on those nights to watch it. I was so in love with Buffy.

The weakest season was definitely with Warren, Jonathan and Andrew as the bad guys.
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I was in shock over Joyce's death and that episode was so well constructed. The use of no score shows that it was ahead of its time, and people are catching on now with films like No Country.
I agree that it was done well and also that SMG really showed her acting chops. I lost it when she called Joyce, "Mommie"

I also thought that how Anya's character reacts to the whole thing was nicely written.

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But do you think it was the weakest because The Geek Trio were the bad guys?
If you don't mind me answering the question as well, partly yes. After all that Buffy and the Scoobies had fought and been through, I thought they made pretty silly nemesis. I mean they certainly weren't the Mayor, Faith, or Glory.

Also, it seems to me that this is the season where the writing really isn't as strong as seasons prior. I didn't like the whole "Buffy has to worry about financial matters and have a job now" arc either. I mean I guess it had to be addressed somehow, but I found it distracting and a bit boring. Dealing with the mundane problems of everyday life is not what I loved Buffy for.

Still there was much to love in that season as well. Just not as much for me as the others.