The Naked Gun remake


Surely, they can't be serious?!?

A long-gestating reboot of the “Naked Gun” franchise with Liam Neeson is finally moving forward at Paramount, landing a release date of July 15, 2025.

The currently-untitled project will be directed and executive produced by Avika Schaffer, who co-wrote the draft script alongside Dan Gregor and Doug Man. Seth MacFarlane and Erica Huggins are producing via their company Fuzzy Door.

Never heard of it, but I usually avoid Neeson movies.
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This has got to be a goof of some kind. As in a joke not a mistake, although it also qualifies as that. But then I remembered Neeson in this. I know Leslie Nielsen and his deadpan delivery is what made the role so hilarious but I'm still not sure if Neeson can make it work.

Okay, so I saw the title and thought "well, either they absolutely nail the casting or this is a disaster." And then I saw Neeson and...yeah. That might work. I immediately thought of the video WHIT just posted. As nuts as this sounds, I think Neeson might be able to make it work. At the very least, casting him suggests the people involve understand why Leslie Nielsen was perfect for the role.

I think it's great casting because it will allow Neeson to make fun of precisely the kind of tough hombre roles he's been playing for the last few years...

I'm getting probably too much amusement from the fact that "Liam Neeson," as a name, kinda sounds like someone trying to remember and then say Leslie Nielsen's name. While drunk.

Hollywood has completely run out of original ideas.

Kinda sad.
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I cant wait

Getting a strong feeling of deja vu all over again

they should leave all the original movies alone
But how would they make any money?

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Can it catch the humor of the original though, that's the question.
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Can it catch the humor of the original though, that's the question.
I would hope it doesn't just catch it. I'd like it to surpass the original!

Frank, get ahold of yourself.
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I hope she gets the part!!

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Liam Neesom as Lt Frank Drebin? I don't know...I'm willing to keep an open mind.
That's Frank Drebin Jr. He will be the son of Leslie Nielsen's iconic character.
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