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This just in. The original Road House movie starring Patrick Swayzee is going to be re-made. MGM has assigned Rob Cohen, director of Fast And Furious 1, to do the job. No news about casting yet. Who do you think would be good in the Swayzee role? What about the Sam Elliot role?

I really wish Mark Wahlberg still went by "Marky Mark" even as an actor. It is so much more exciting.

I'd love to see Clooney in the Sam Elliot role. It needs someone of effortless coolness if it's going to rival Sam's portrayal. Brad Pitt could do a good job, as could Denzel Washington. Viggo Mortensen or Kevin Costner might work in their own way. Or you could go bargain basement and give it to Christian Slater, which I'd actually like.

I haven't really got anyone for Patrick's role, but Josh Hartnett, Dominic Cooper or Eddie Cahill might work.
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Eric Banana in Swayze's role...
Viggo Mortensen in Sam Elliott's role...

Love interest: Olivia Thirlby

It'll never happen though... and the remake will be a PG rated CGI fest.

Rob Cohen...oooookayyy (backs away then runs to door).

This is just the sort of film that should be remade (the originals not exactly a classic) but honestly, from the director of The Mummy thanks

Good whiskey make jackrabbit slap de bear.

It'll probably be Channing Tatum, an actor I don't mind, but totally wrong for the role.
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The reboot (not remake) goes into production this month. Jake Gyllenhaal will star in the film and play a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer of a bar in the Florida Keys and discovers that his place is not paradise. Doug Liman is directing the film and co-stars Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Lukas Gage. The film will premiere on Amazon Prime Video.
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"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
The film is coming out March 21 on Amazon Prime


Am I the only person who didn't like the original 'Roadhouse?'
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Am I the only person who didn't like the original 'Roadhouse?'
Not at all. I don't remember much of it (only that I had friends who kept coaxing me to see it as they thought it was the greatest movie ever made).

I remember thinking so much of it was ridiculous: as if it took place in a reality so far removed from any reality we know even though it doesn't take place in any galaxy far far away, but in a local, lower-class strip club!

First, the main character has a global "reputation" as a bouncer... ya know... like how bouncers are known all over the world... we all know some of the world famous bouncers from history... let's see... there was... um... and... uh...
Nope, I don't know of a single bouncer to ever exist that had a reputation or was known by name to millions FOR being a bouncer at a strip club.

Second, the love interest is a female doctor and we know that doctors in general have a lot of free time which they spend after work at strip clubs... especially female doctors... what better place to meet a like-minded, intelligent, well-to-do male who is potential husband material? We all know intelligent, well-to-do professional men hang out at low-brow strip clubs and now, because of this movie, we know that professional female doctors hang out to watch women strip too (even if they're not a lesbian). Where else would a lady doctor go to boost her career, sip some wine after a long day of treating patients, and meet others of her class?

Go to any strip club known for its weekly brawls and you'll undoubtedly find world-famous bouncers who are household names (due to their bouncing reputation) and tons of accomplished lady doctors who, after a hard day of surgery at the hospital, go to clubs to watch other women strip (even though they're really there to nab a husband - who is hopefully a "famous" bouncer)!

Cant wait to see this Movie.

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Watched it today. It doesn't live up to the original, but that's okay. it is its own beast, thanks to Jake Gyllenhaal's performance as former fighter Elwood Dalton. He comes off as mostly a pacifist who likes to warn his adversaries what will come or ask if there is a hospital nearby or having insurance. We learn why Dalton becomes who he is. When things go too far, that's when he kicks into gear and begins to use his skills. Daniela Melchior is good as "Doc" this time around, but don't expect a raunchy love scene like the OG film...not happening. The only nudity in the film is Conor McGregor's intro, when he walks around the streets of Rome buck naked. That's the level of OTT he brings to the table as does Billy Magnussen, as the businessman attempt to shake down the road house (which has no name...just called the Road House).

There is a fun reference though to the OG. Dalton befriends a bookstore owner and his daughter and the name of the restaurant next to the bookstore is called the "Double Deuce". Solid B-film that runs just over 2 hours and no Wade Garrett-like character this time.