hello all.

I would realy like for someone...anyone to help me find some spesific lines from the film...

what I need is...: "jud Crandall"
'You don't want to go down
that road. That road leads
to danger.'

if anyone can find his for me I would be ever greatful.

and if you could...the one ware Jud sais:
Jud Crandall:
'The path of a mans heart is stonier'...(?)

cool thanks again all at MoFo.com

drexal parks.
"YoU'r bOdy iS A bOaT tO laY aSiDE wHEn yOU ReaCh tHE FaR sHOrE...OR sEll It, iF YoU cAn FiND A foOL.......ITS FULL OF HOLES."