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My Total Recall Review

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*Spoiler alert* (kind of not really)

So tonight I went to go see Total Recall with my brother. We were going to see it last night at midnight but decided it probably wouldn't be worth it. Let me be the first to say it really wasn't worth it at all. before viewing the movie, I noticed that the critic ratings were very low while the user ratings were higher but still fair to midland. I knew from those signs that the movie must be entertaining at best but lack significant plot line.

First of all, I'm not really the biggest Collin Farrel fan. Never have been, never will be and I just can't really explain why. From the moment he went into the chair at Rekall I assumed the entire movie was just Doug in the chair. It was such a huge coincidence that he actually was the double agent that he was about to be programmed to be by Mac, the Rekall guy.

Anyway, although Kate Beckinsale is UBER sexy, her role as angry British woman, huffing and puffing and yelling allover the place, got really old, really fast. I felt like the movie was just one big bullet, fight, runaway scene after the other. I really didn't find any legitimate message, meaning, or theme throughout the whole thing.

The beginning to the middle was pretty entertaining, I must say. The whole double life, evil wife thing caught my attention and I was eager to find out more. Unfortunately, once his "cover" is blown with Methias, the entire movie began to tumble downhill. Therefore, the last 20 to 30 minutes of the movie was just straight up not enjoyable. I found myself starting to not pay attention because I didn't really care to pay attention. The fact that The Dark Knight Rises was playing in the very next room was very alluring to me, and I had to talk myself out of going into the theatre next door just to hear Bane's voice and see Cillian Murphy's beautiful face.

In conclusion, yes the movie was action packed, a little too packed full of action if you ask me. The special effects were decent and the director did a great job of creating a very futuristic world. However, as an audience I don't think we were informed very well on the background (the resistance, the colonies, etc..) so it was hard to take a stance on it even when it became a central part of the plot.

So there's my rant. If you agree or disagree please tell me I'd love to hear what you think

Oh and can a science person please answer this for me? this happened in the movie and its bothering me if it can actually happen or not: if you and a bunch of other people are floating around in a zero gravity situation, would a gun produce a straight line of bullets when fired? or would they float..?
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Cheers for the review. I never had much faith in the remake, thanks for the heads up!

Bullets will go in a straight line in zero gravity and will travel much farther too. Eventually, after a long time, they'd lose momentum and just float there.
Edit: In zero gravity and in a vaccuum I'm not sure what a bullet would do. Probably spin out of control and go all over the place. The shape of a bullet is designed in such a way that the air it is passing through combined with the rifling of the gun-barrel, deliberately keeps it going in a relatively straight line... so in a vaccuum it would probably react differently.
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

I thought it looked rather bland. Especially compared to the original.
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Deads... 'bland' is the perfect word... I saw this on a review site...

Everything is slick and sexy and rainy and wet Ė the production design is by far the best part of the film Ė but itís totally empty inside, the movie equivalent of a Kardashian in a bikini.

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They cast Colin Farrell. They knew the risks.
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Just had a scoot on the web... this abomination has been rated 31% by RT.
Wernt looking up to much anyway.

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Until we lose ourselves we have no hope of finding ourselves
Good! Definitely not worth the $8. The only thing that could've made me more angry was if it were in 3D

Wasn't even going to bother. Len's Wiseman has never made a good film.

Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
I just watched the 1990 original last night and realized the campy quality and bad acting by Arnold kind of made the movie so much fun to watch. After reading the review, I might just wait til this comes out on cable.

Good review, keep em coming!
Under-the-radar Movie Awesomeness.

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Good! Definitely not worth the $8. The only thing that could've made me more angry was if it were in 3D
That's pretty cheap.
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Wow... minimum around here is £10, about $17. My local charges up to and including £20, which is about $35.

TDKR cost me £10.50, and only because they dropped the prices for advanced bookings. It was £16 to buy on the day.