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The Wolverine


Aronofsky Reveals Title for Next Wolverine Movie

Director Darren Aronofsky revealed the title on Saturday for the new Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman. The movie, to be titled The Wolverine, will not be a sequel to the Gavin Hood-directed X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Aronofsky told HitFix that The Wolverine will be a "one-off," or standalone project. The script, written by Christopher McQuarrie, involves Logan beginning a forbidden romance with a Japanese woman whose hand in marriage is, unfortunately, promised to another man. Since Logan won't take "no" for an answer, it puts him into battle with her father and her samurai-sword-wielding brothers.

A release date has not been set yet for the film.

Awesome, if this is even remotely close to the 4 part series I read back in the day when Logan spends time in Japan this could be spectacular!
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Yes! This 4 issue limited series was originally written and drawn by Frank Miller (Sin City, The Spirit). It was an awesome read, and still remains as the greatest Wolverine story ever told.

As you can see Miller was the only artist to draw Wolvies claws like they were razors.

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The mere fact that they had to mention that this won't be a sequel to Origins, is pretty silly.

I didn't not like Origins, but it wasn't what it could have, and should have been. They really dropped the ball with it, which is probably why Magneto's story has not made it to the screen.
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It really is a sequel especially since the same actor is in the lead and I presume there will be nothing that will contradict what has happened before even if there is no direct mention of it. Good thing they didn't get Miller himself to direct after what he did to The Spirit.

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Darren Aronofsky + Hugh Jackman = My arse in theater seat...multiple times
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I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
It really is a sequel especially since the same actor is in the lead...
Not true. If that was the case, Origins would have been a sequel to X3. Besides, it's hard to run a sequel on a film with the word "origins" in the title. Fox shot themselves in the foot with that.

After the release of Wolverine Origins, it has become almost impossible to reboot the franchise... It would be too confusing.
Since X-men First Class is already in the making, which is supposed to be a prequel.

Honestly, I hate Jackman as Wolverine... but I think Aronofsky can make something good out of it considering he has already worked with Jackman in the past.. Hoping he gives a new take on Wolverine, regardless if it comes under the X-men continuity or not.

Also, Wolverine Origins would have nothing to do with Wolverine's later stories.. So it's not even necessary to link both the movies.. Aronofsky could take this in a whole new direction.
But not exactly the kind of comicbook film I would expect Aronofsky to direct, I would have loved to see him do something like Silver Surfer, Animal Man,

Yeah well if it has Kitty Pride in it

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I'm excited!
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Yeah well if it has Kitty Pride in it

Booooo! Boo Kitty Pryde in Wolverine! Thats like wanting Wesley Crusher to come back in the Star Trek movies

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Booooo! Boo Kitty Pryde in Wolverine! Thats like wanting Wesley Crusher to come back in the Star Trek movies
Ha, the Jar Jar os the Trek universe.
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Again with the stupid, redundant titles. The Wolverine??? Really? Everyone already calls the last one Wolverine --- why make a NON-SEQUEL to that film, starring the same actor, and have it be called Wolverine as well?


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I loved all the X-Men films and I also loved Origins of Wolverine im mega hyped for this. I dont know why there is so much hate towards Origins, but then again Im not a comic fan so not really seeing the original source I dont know if these films have ruined the comics, like many Hollywood movies have done in the past.
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