Why are communities like IMDB overwhelmingly male dominated?


Does anybody here take IMDB's vote ranking scores as a serious metric tool in deciding if a movie is worth watching?

For me, it's a small factor, but not a deciding factor. I check the top 250 every so often to see if there's a movie I haven't watched on there. Then I check the synopsis interests me or if there are good critic reviews.

There are many instances where my personal opinion diverges from IMDB's, but overall, I'd say sampling from the top rated IMDB movies has proportionately better than watching movies at random.

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It's an interesting question, and I certainly have thoughts about it. But in my experience, discussing it online (and specifically in a male-dominated space) always turns into a garbage fire.
Aw, c'mon, Tak! Roll up your sleeves!

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Just kidding, I don't want any part of this either.

Are you trying to make a deadline for a Buzzfeed article or something?
Hahaha! Nice one.

I think this is a complex issue, the answer to the question being multifactorial, as I've watched this phenomenon over the last 15 years.
I would say that one of the factors which is very, very easy to spot, is represented (and is fortunately very hard to credibly to refute) here:

These statistics are taken from different studies focusing on different time periods but there is the extremely obvious thing to see and then a second thing to see which is that we think it has gotten so much more equitable recently but the data shows otherwise.

Women tend to be more interested in people, men tend to be more interested in things.