Guy walks around reciting a movie hes seen many times


Hi all
Ive been a collector of moves since VHS first came our - the problem with that is Ive seen so many that often Im bugged trying to remember a move from one scene and cannot remember anything else not even the actors which would help.

usually wiki is a great help even if it mean the steps it takes to get to the right answer - in this case im stumped and have been for ages.

I found this site at 3am here as I was going mad again trying got figure this out and hoped someone could help. Hopefully I can give back in return as Im sure ive going to find this site v cool

Im trying the name of a move I probably have... as much as I remember there is a scene

a couple of guys walk into maybe a pool hall? as one shows the other around - a guy walks by them who is reciting from memory a film hes memorises as hes seen it so many times and is speaking out loud in a humorous way as he walks past them

Maybe its black and white,im sure the guy would have had to seen the film he has memorised in a theatre so that maybe sets the age of the movie better.

I keep thinking its a Paul Newman film or a gangster movie or the like

its such a throwaway short scene that has stuck with me now for a LONG time

Any help would save my sanity please and thank you.

Welcome to the human race...
The only one I can think of is the movie Diner, which is in colour and takes place in the 1960s. There is a character who keeps quoting the movie Sweet Smell of Success whenever he runs into other characters, but he is definitely a background character who exists to annoy the film's actual protagonists.
Iro is to reviews as Kubrick is to films.

In the movie 'Tin Men' (1987) staring Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito there's a character that keeps talking about the TV series Bonanza. It comes up a few times in the film, if I remember correctly. There are definitely some pool hall scenes too.

Here's the trailer:


OMG THANK YOU - This has been bugging me for months now - At 3am I get up and find this site and get and answer before lunch.
just checked out my video of one of my fav movies DINER and there it is at 27:20.

Thank you so much that is amazing - this site is a lifesaver - I hope I can pay it forward here sometime