Dick Tracy (1990)

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... it had Madonna in it!
Oh, leave that blonde bimbo alone.

I haven't seen all of the movie, but I remember the visuals of it more than anything. I should watch it if I get a chance to.

You have yet to see my masterpiece
it was decent at best

Someone needs their fill.
Dear God I hope not, and I surely hope they don't have the same guy on the first one do the sequel.

This movie might not be the greatest but I certainly enjoy it.​ Lowkey wish it did end up getting a sequel.
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Yep, the film one major problem...

Why is that a problem?

... it had Madonna in it!
Why is that a problem

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Why is that a problem
Almost 18 years after my post, she still can't act.

You got an unlucky bunch before coming here. I think it needed a stronger comic book approach after those brilliant costumes in the first ten minutes just went away, but I liked what I saw. It's about as story-based as it is visual, and it made me hungry for more Warren Beatty.