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The other movie tab was getting so large that many dial-up members were complaining that they quit frequenting the thread due to the length it took to load. So I'm making this new one and closing the old.

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That is a lot of replies. the last movie i watched was King Arthur(directors cut). one of the best movies I own in my opinion
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Take the Money and Run - (d. W. Allen, 1969)

The Seventh Seal - (d. I. Bergman, 1957)

Braveheart - (d. M. Gibson, 1995)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - (d. S. Spielberg, 1977)

Jaws - (d. S. Spielberg, 1975)

Show Boat - (d. G. Sidney, 1951)

Scarlet Letter - (d. F. Lang, 1945)

All Quiet on the Western Front - (d. L. Milestone, 1930)

Pooh's Heffalump Movie - (d. F. Nissen, 2005)

Ray - (d. T. Hackford, 2004)

Shark Tale - (d. B. Bergeon, V. Jenson, R. Letterman, 2004)

King Arthur - (d. A. Fuqua, 2004)

Misery - (d. R. Reiner, 1990)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - (d. S. Norrington, 2003)

Stargate - (d. R. Emmerich, 1994)
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All Quiet on the Western Front - (d. L. Milestone, 1930)
I'm listening, bro. What did you think?

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Pulp Fiction
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Mystery Men - Why wasn't this film more famous? It's so hilarious!

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Yeah, Mystery Men was really good, I likes it.

The last movie I saw was Sideways, which I already commented on in the appropriate thread. ***/4

Super Troopers - One of my favorite comedies.

The Motorcycle Diaries - Wonderful, and one of the most beautiful movies I've seen in a long time.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War - Brutal war movie. The two main characters are damn near unrecognizable from themselves at the beginning, which just shows how much war can change someone.

Get Shorty - This movie's a lot of fun, and I hope Be Cool will be as well.
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I just saw Walking Tall (2004), pretty much a clone movie (same as many) with tons of senseless violence that gets ignored by all the characters because of this notion that "violence for justice" is always justified even if you kill people . Well it wasn't so bad but don't worry if you never see it. 1/2 out of 5.

Ever After (1998)
Heaven Can Wait (1978)
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I'll post my last entry from the old tab

Twin Peaks : Pilot
Twin Peaks : Episode one
Mulholland Drive
(multiple times)
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Shattered Glass (2003, Billy Ray) - surprisingly good (for me, as I hadn't heard of it, or the source material and it looked like a standard DTV release) Based-On-A-True-Story tail of a young journalist who cooked most of his stories.

Think All The President's Men crossed with The French Lieutenant's Woman (trust me) and you're half way there...
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Raging bull because i just got the SE DVD and i still love it.
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