Special News Bulletin: Yoda Removes SC's Ability to Delete/Edit Posts


@Sexy Celebrity

You know this forum wouldn't be the same without you....

as well as several other members who are highly loved...
I am thinking about doing something that'll keep me from ever signing in here again.

I wasn't ready to send that last post through. I can't edit or delete posts. There's something incredibly crippling about that.

@ash_is_the_gal, I'm sorry things didn't work between us. You're a good girl.

@John McClane, I've always wanted what's best for you.

@Miss Vicky, thanks for all of the commentaries together.

@cricket, I'm gonna miss you.

@cat_sidhe, thanks for all of the love, I give you the same.

@Nostromo87, hang in there, buddy.

@Joel, thanks for the talks.

@Captain Spaulding, I love you, man.

@honeykid, you gave me strength.

@MovieGal, I'm glad you're happy again.

@mark f, take a vacation and stop watching so many movies.

@edarsenal and @TheUsualSuspect, send me nude pics.

@jiraffejustin, keep listening to country music.

@mojofilter, win some more Song Tournaments for me.

@Loner, thanks for making me feel less alone.

@Holden Pike, it was a pleasure reading your posts.

@Swan, I love you, man.

@Gatsby, take over the world.

@JayDee, I hope you find all the happiness you want.

@nebbit, I'll miss your boobs.

@Destiny, however you spell your name, I love you, too.

To everyone else, thank you, and goodbye.

Life is a comedy, not a tragedy.

Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep your head up and your eyes focused.

Remember to always passionately love something other than yourself.
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Goodbye from me, too.
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Come on, man... you leave the site every week!

I'm just being mean because I didn't get a goodbye message!
Stop being a drug addict, you druggie sh*thead!

I predict he may come back again. Someday. Somehow. Some way.

PM me man. I don't get what's going on.
I predict that is impossible. Goodbye!

@The Rodent

Mommy loves you.
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I can't edit or delete posts. There's something incredibly crippling about that.
Yeah, I couldn't tease you about losing that privilege. I felt the trapped feeling from here.
You're an enigma, cat_sidhe.

Haha. In all honesty, you may want to reconsider this sort of attitude posture and aim it back at yourself, where it's unmistakably more sorely required.

I didnít see any of this but cut the guy a break, maybe? No need to add insult to injury or lump salt in a wound. Just my two cents.
Man y'all are some Divas.

Not being able to edit or delete would literally make no difference in my life- in fact I want to join SC in solidarity @Yoda please remove my privileges
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it