RIP Sir Ian Holm


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Ian Holm died today, 19th June 2020, aged 88.

He'd been fighting Parkinson's for a few years, and had fought cancer as well.

Holm made huge waves in the movies from sci-fi, to drama, to fantasy... in iconic roles from Napoleon Bonaparte in Time Bandits, Sam Mussabini in Chariots Of Fire...
... Pod Clock in The Borrowers, to Cornelius the Head Priest in The Fifth Element...

... and as Ash, the psychotic droid in the classic horror movie Alien.

His most famous recent role was playing Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's LOTR and Hobbit movies.

Holm was renowned for being an genius-at-work and was revered by everyone who worked with him.
He was also well known in the movie business, for giving a totally different performance for each take of a scene, so that the directors and other actors had "something to work with" to make the movie as strong as possible.
The world has lost a genius, and a gentleman today.
Rest in peace, Sir Ian.
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More sad news in the bleak year of 2020.

RIP Sir Ian!
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Oh, he was a very good actor. Liked him best in Pinter’s The Homecoming. R.I.P. ✝️
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Damn, RIP Sir Ian, proper legend.

You mean me? Kei's cousin?
Godspeed, Ian.
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Leben findet einen weg...
Been revealed by Peter Jackson... something not even shown in the LOTR Making Of...

The scene where Bilbo Baggins is sitting with the children during his Birthday party... was real.

During filming, the kids were all dressed up in costume, and were then getting restless because of the long time between takes.

Ian could see they were getting bored and restless, and took it upon himself to sit with the kids, and tell them stories.
Some of it was what he could remember from The Hobbit novel... but most of it he was making up as he went along.

For over 4 hours

Jackson set a camera up, and filmed a chunk of it, using only a couple of takes of Ian and the reactions of the kids faces while he was telling exciting stories to them.

Holm said sitting and telling stories to keep kids entertained, was the toughest thing he'd ever done.

What a lovely guy.