Happy Anniversary, Iroquois!


We may have some movie differences over the years. Maybe. I'm not sure if remember correctly what they even were. But I just want to say I think you're one of the best Mofos of all time. I mean that. I've read a lot of your posts. Bellwether maybe doesn't even cover it. Happy Anniversay!
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Happy anniversary, Iro. I agree with PW, though I would ask you to get your arse back to posting your revised 100. This list will be done soon and I need another set of lauded movies to tut at and dismiss out of hand.
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A system of cells interlinked
Happy Anniversary!
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That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
hey, isn't that the guy that started the videogame tab?

in the most obnoxious way that I can imagine, happi-anni-ro!!!
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I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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